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₴19 898

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₴24 940
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Оцінка на основі відгуків користувачів KAYAK
Qatar AirwaysКількість відгуків: 11765
Відгуки про авіакомпанію

Everything is good

Докладніше про Qatar Airways

Everything is good

Poor boarding. Missed connecting flight. Had to stay in airport for 7 extra hours. Meal was provided but no accommodation provided and no lay flat seats. Would have been satisfied if a place to stay were provided for

They told us our family of five couldn’t fly because our Covid tests weren’t at the correct time. After it was elevated to the fourth level, someone actually did the math like we did, and they realized we were right and let us on the flight. This made the experience extremely stressful and frustrating. The employees and especially the flight crew were nice, but not having their info straight tainted the trip. I know these are very challenging times for airlines as they navigate all the different restrictions from different countries, but something as simple as the test cutoff time for a 48 or 72 hour lead time for a scheduled flight ought to be easy to have ready beforehand. After all that drama, there was no “Sorry about that” or perk of any kind. Good lesson for us to make sure we have our facts straight before torpedoing somebody.

Everything was good, but at Philadelphia airport, immigration service was so poor.

You need to train your check in crew

Плюси: "The seating was cramped for a 14 hours flight but the staff was excellent."
Мінуси: "Food options not always what I was expecting."
Плюси: "Loved it"
Мінуси: "Sit was a little tight"
Плюси: "Great Crew.. clean, new flight. Everything works."
Мінуси: "Food"
Плюси: "Entertainment and food is always great with Qatar!"
Мінуси: "After I got in my seat an Islamic lady came and said that I was in her seat. I looked at her ticket and while it was the right seat number, she was on the wrong flight. I got a stewardess to help her. She had gone through 3 boarding pass checks and was still on the wrong flight. They let her fly!"
Плюси: "The service is excellent. Best of the airlines bar nane"
Мінуси: "The grill chicken that comes w/ the scrambled egg breakfast was kinda dry. Otherwise, all’s good."
Плюси: "Yes"
Мінуси: "Thank for everything it is excellent"
Плюси: "Crew was nice and attentive"
Мінуси: "More leg room"
Плюси: "crew amazing,"
Плюси: "Crew was very active, attentive and bice, seats are wide and comfortable, food is tasty and delicious! Great experiencce!"
Мінуси: "If all people would remain upright, that is actually saves more space for legs then horizontal position ;)"
Плюси: "Seat was sufficiently comfortable to get some rest and I was very ready to be done with the flight when the plane landed."
Мінуси: "Breakfast option - eggs and a sausage had much to be desired. Other meals were fine."
Мінуси: "It was delayed 3hrs but no regret from staff. Doha to staff very bad and arrogant"
Плюси: "The service was super and the food was delicious even the seats are very comfortable"
Мінуси: "Everything was super"
Плюси: "The crew was very friendly throughout the 7-hour flight."
Плюси: "We carefully taken care . The Hotess were alright"
Мінуси: "Their food are ok"
Плюси: "The check-in for my first flight was great in Philadelphia."
Мінуси: "There are no lounges in Philadelphia that accepted my Priority Pass. Your economy passengers deserve options, which I have paid for. Movie options were not as good as expected."
Плюси: "Faultless as per usual QA flights"
Плюси: "Nothing to be liked on this Flight"
Мінуси: "Poor Service, they were even out of food."
Плюси: "Crew, service, price"
Мінуси: "Seats are small"
Плюси: "The flight attendants were professional and polite, I requested low-fat meals and they were good, the entertainment was very good, the air temperature was comfortable, most flights I had were on time."
Мінуси: "The legroom was a problem. Seats are kind of narrow, and then, with the lack of legroom it’s somewhat challenging to shift your legs, especially when the seat in front of you goes back! I felt like the person was almost in my lap. My cup even got crunched. I think my biggest issue, though, lay in how I was treated after paying $127.00 to obtain a day pass for the lounge each way. For my inbound flight my purse was branded with an “economy” class luggage type tag, and I was made to feel as though I was trying to sneak in. I had to show my boarding pass a number of times to employees after asking for the location of the lounge in order to be directed there, and then my credentials were examined as though I was trying to get into Fort Knox. Upon arrival at the desk, I was somewhat tersely informed that I had 6 hours. I went out of my way a bit in order to fly Qatar, which is supposed to be so wonderful, and I was underwhelmed. I’ve had better experiences on Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines."
Плюси: "Flight schedule in time."
Плюси: "The best airline I have ever flown."
Мінуси: "Great staffs and food service."
Плюси: "Seat features. Extensive beverage and food menus. Great IFE system"
Мінуси: "Had to flag down crew for pre-departure beverage and hot towel. They are usually more attentive"
Мінуси: "Seats are way uncomfortable and small"
Плюси: "The staff is friendly and attentive. Food has been flavorful and consistent in quality. Blankets and pillows have been clean. The energizer juice was an excellent option."
Мінуси: "The cleaning crew was in a hurry and there was a used cotton ear swab in the remote armrest. The tray did not close snugly back when closed up. The remote buttons were not quick to respond and needed to be pressed firmly and slowly. The food menu needs more lighter options. The toilet could use mouthwash addition."
Мінуси: "they pot me in another flight"
Плюси: "The food was the best airline food out there. Also, the regular economy seats recline more than other airlines."
Мінуси: "The boarding process was chaotic. There was. O system to the boarding and it made for a lot of pushing to get in line."
Плюси: "Boarding, the welcome on board, the food choice and quality were all excellent. The seat was comfortable as I didn't want to sleep. The entertainment screen was big and clear, and the choice of films was good. The member of flight crew, a Latvian lady, who looked after me onboard was a real star, very efficient but still had time to chat."
Мінуси: "The choice of films and tv programmes, was good, but before watching each one i chose, I had to endure a couple off minutes of an advert- the same one every time."
Мінуси: "the flight was canceled."
Мінуси: "On O-Hare Airport, Qatar Air Line's staff is very rod, I never recommend to anyone. Now if anyone ask from me then i refuse to buy Qatar Aiway ticket then they buy Emirate or other air line tickets"
Плюси: "Every thing"
Мінуси: "Nothing"
Плюси: "I liked everything about the flight and the service was great!"
Плюси: "service"
Мінуси: "asian vegetable meal was uninspired"
Плюси: "Stewardesses were more helpful on this flight than we had experienced on the previous flights. However their resources were limited. landed safely."
Мінуси: "Food on the four different flights (from DFW to Doha on to Cape Town and then from Johannesburg to Doha on to DWF) was not good at all. Timing of meals, food all below expected. One flight attendant trying to serve both meal and drink to each person took a lot of time. Snacks offerings were almost non-existent. Those of us traveling on three connecting flights with no time to purchase food nor water had a rough time of it. Would not fly Qatar nor connect in Doha again unless absolutely necessary."
Плюси: "Quick boarding/ friendly ground staff as well as the cabin crew! Food was great(even though I don't normally eat plane food) but I enjoyed their meals! Plenty of leg room with the seat compared to other airlines I have flown with! Free wifi on certain planes(even though for 15 mins, better than nothing!)"
Мінуси: "Could have a bit more choice of movies but wasn't bad"
Плюси: "The flight service was great. We had a slight delay on the way back to Doha from Heathrow but they made up for it by getting us through security faster so I didn't miss my flight to Tokyo. Overall the timing was excellent and I got home without having to fork out any extra money."
Мінуси: "Song selections"
Мінуси: "not friendly staff delayed and no help. cost me so much did not get anything"
Плюси: "bathrooms had liquid on the floor sloshing around from about 1 hr after take off. Flight attendants need a disposable towel to put down. Nasty bathroom are not pleasant."
Мінуси: "i was blessed with 3 seats in a row. Had trouble lying down because the arm rests don't go up all the way. The seat belt connectors were not recessed, so they poked me in the side. The movie selection was only so - so. See the selection from Singapore airlines if you want to see a good example. I have many food allergies - for the sweet & savory snacks, the ingredients are in Latin - like a place holder ready for when they get the real words to put there. e.g. dolorem ipsum ..."
Плюси: "Very friendly flight staff."
Плюси: "Good quality aircrafts"
Мінуси: "There was no non vegetarian meal available."
Плюси: "Service was excellent and food was all right. I do not eat meat or dairy but there was still some food for me on this flight."
Мінуси: "No complaints whatsoever."
Плюси: "I like each part of service"
Мінуси: "Even though we got off our connecting flight 30 mins before departure, the flight had "already left" as per the Qatar Doha crew and we were re-booked to the following day's flight. Very ridiculous."

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1 пересадкаQatar Airways
16 год. 05 хв.KBP-HKG
₴19 899
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
25 год. 10 хв.KBP-HKG
₴23 673

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