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  • Великих аеропортів в Бруклін немає,але сюди можна дістатися з аеропортів Нью-Йорка. Ми рекомендуємо летіти до Джон Ф. Кеннеді, хоча за бажання ви також можете знайти рейс до (Аеропорт , Аеропорт або Аеропорт ).
  • Найпопулярніші місяці, коли попит на квитки до м. Бруклін найвищий – січень, лютий і грудень. Найдешевший місяць – січень.
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Відгуки про авіакомпанію
Плюси: "Crew & food was amazing"
Докладніше про Emirates
Плюси: "Crew & food was amazing"
Мінуси: "Delayed flight and the procedures took very long."
Мінуси: "Food could be tastier. But, you can’t starve"
Мінуси: "Vegan food was served with BUTTER how can this be vegan? NEED MORE Healthy options instead of Pan cakes etc made of Enriched Flour... Upgrades have become.alsmost nil. Emirates is making a huge profit but is not sharing with its passengers... had to wait one whole hour to get our baggage"
Плюси: "Good leg room, comfortable"
Мінуси: "Food not that good, mostly cold, games for children didn't work, service used to be better"
Плюси: "Food was excellent (Emirates rep helped choose Asian veg per my need description)"
Мінуси: "Not applicable"
Мінуси: "The food was very cheap, it’s not the Emirates that it used to be, especially if you fligh economy. The crew wasn’t so nice, they seem like tired and unhappy, not even a smile. If you ask for something the answer was sorry we don’t have. The wifi didn’t work properly and now you have to pay for that. My seat, 87K didn’t work, it was blocked and I couldn’t reclined. Emirates used to be very good airline but not anymore."
Мінуси: "Requested an aisle seat at the front or an emergency seat and got neither. I could hardly move my long legs. That the flight was long did not help matters. I was sandwiched between two other travelers on a three-seater arrangement. Again, is it just on flights to Kenya or other African countries that passengers DO NOT receive the travel pouch?"
Мінуси: "Food was bland, repetitive (poor choice and variety) Crew was unwelcoming. Had to ask multiple times for water, soda and also take away plates I have travelled emirates before so this flight was bad compared to previous experiences"
Плюси: "I was able to uograde"
Мінуси: "They used a lot more miles to upgrade than I thought they would Emirates keeps saying the ticket I bought through Kayal was a super saver- well I did not find the time combo I needed to travel and the prices I found on the Emirates website and Kayak were similar to within 50$"
Мінуси: "They took my scarf and it was crazy cold in New York. Then they wouldn't let me use the bathroom yet it took almost an hour to land. Ridiculous. I was in 81D. I hope they found my scarf."
Мінуси: "I could not pick my seat in advance. It wasn’t clear while booking that this was the case with emirates. They had fees to book a seat in advance. I could only pick my seat when online check in was allowed. It was important for me to have a good seating option on 14hr flight."
Плюси: "Loved the service. My flight was from NYC to Milan."
Мінуси: "There was not one thing."
Плюси: "The crew was great and helped make it easier with young children - the entertainment for children was also very diverse - despite it being a 14 hour flight!!"
Мінуси: "The children meal was not wonderful. But as I only had one and two children - they shared an adult and child meal - which was okay."
Мінуси: "Emirates should have contacted me about my missing bag which they didn't contact me yet. Not sure where my bag is as of now"
Мінуси: "I had to travel extra hours because they wouldn't let me change my flight pattern I wanted to do a flight change thinking it would be $200.00 no they wanted $1700.00 which was more than my original flight so I had to fly back to catch my original flight"
Плюси: "Food was the best I ever had on Economy, seats were comfortable, enterteriment was very good, cabin crew very polite and attentious..."
Мінуси: "Boarding was too Long with to much security measures"
Плюси: "Emirates gets credit for reasonable legroom in economy class and excellent entertainment choices."
Мінуси: "Airbus A380 is a huge airplane. So many passengers creates limitations."
Плюси: "Check in was smooth, flight was smooth and pleasant. Great food, great entertainment choices, great seat company. Best part was the hotel provided during my layover in the wee hours of the morning. I was able to sleep well and shower and was therefore more relaxed during the ensuing 14 hour flight."
Плюси: "Overall, Emirates is an incredible flying experience, we just got unlucky on this turn. The food is quite incredible, the entertainment bar-none the best and the amenities makes you feel like you're in business class."
Мінуси: "The flight had an overall 3 hour delay and they completely lost our luggage upon returning from Europe and to a wedding. That's worst case scenario."
Плюси: "Staff and the choice of movies in the entertainment system."
Мінуси: "The food could be better. Should provide choice of fruits, salad, yogurt etc. The economy class seats should be made more comfortable for long flights. The seats are ok if it is a 4 or 5 hour flight."
Плюси: "I was surprised to receive a pair of socks, sleeping eye cover and toothbrush/toothpaste. Great courtesy and attention to detail by the flight crew."
Плюси: "Crew was pleasant and friendly."
Мінуси: "The plane seemed old compared with my flight to Dubai the morning of May 4, 2017."
Плюси: "Economy class is very comfortable, crew was pleasant and food was good. Overall the 13 hour flight felt pretty painless."
Мінуси: "I wish the crew would have done a better job controlling passengers who were trying to unload luggage from the overhead while the plane was still taxiing. I had a bag dropped on me and the crew didn't seem to have control over passengers who were blatantly disregarding instructions."
Плюси: "Everything was very nice,, one of the nicer flights i have had in a long time and i fly often,, it didnt hurt that the flight was nearly empty,, so i had basically the whole section in the back to myself,, aside from that, the seating was comfortable and more roomy than others,, and the entertainment system was quite nice,, good sound,, larger hd screen and wide selection of programming,, also very convenient inputs for powering up"
Мінуси: "the bathroom smelled like pee and i was the first one to use it on the flight,, so perhaps some better cleaning maintenance and some type of air freshener"
Плюси: "Girls were very helpful and there was one Italian jental man was very kind and co-operative. However sits were very uncomfortable. Food was ok. There were very little healthy choices. overall it was good."
Плюси: "My only regret was waiting this long to try Emirates from Milan to JFK They are superior in every way possible. Service food entertainment seat comfort and room And they are price competitive No wonder American Airlines has given up on Europe and become an airline for Miami and South American they are not even in the game. Never ever ever would I fly on AA even if the ticket was 20 bucks Fly emeriates they are the best"
Плюси: "Everything was just fine just wish they can come up with a better name than economy class"
Плюси: "I would like to say this is the most horrific experience I have ever had traveling and using Kayak. I was late by 10 mins getting to the ticket counter and Emirates gave my seat away. I then proceeded to attempt to rebook and the Emirates agent advised they are sold out for the next 3 days and have no flight alternatives to offer. I contact flight network and the person I spoke proceeds to tell me the same thing and there is nothing they can do for me. Basically that I would need to purchase a whole new ticket on another airline as Emirates doesn't have availability. Which I did. Now I'm looking online and Flight Network has my exact flight on Emirates available at same price I paid for my ticket. But now my new ticket purchased to get home is non-refundable. I'm out over 1000 dollars because of bad info. This has been a horrific experience and after being loyal to Kayak for years.... I will never use the site again."
Плюси: "i will be recommending Emirates to ally my friends which will ever be able to use them"
Плюси: "The in-flight service, food, drink, and entertainment were excellent. If my ticket didn't say that I was on the airplane for more than 9 hours, I never would've guessed it. Flying at its best."
Плюси: "Loved the seating space. Comfortable seats and I was able to stretch my legs a bit even though I was in economy. Didn't even feel like I was in the air for almost 9 hours."
Мінуси: "Boarding was a bit late and could have been organised better."
Плюси: "I liked how friendly the staff was and that they do not nickle and dime you for everything."
Мінуси: "The lack of legroom in Economy."
Плюси: "Nice flight"
Мінуси: "time delay at Dubai Airport"
Мінуси: "When at the Dubai plane got delayed for 3 hours they did not make the announcement and nobody knew what is going on. That main man at the counter did it behaves the way they should. More then 3 hours delay with 500 people have lots of questions. Need to answer with lot of patients. The manger behavior was not appropriate with one lady with the kids."
Плюси: "الشكر للاماراتيه على مجهوداتها الكبيره"
Мінуси: "الطيران الاماراتي ممتاز جدا والخدمات ممتازه جدا جدا تحتاج شي بسيط وهو تقوية الواي فاي فقط طيران جميل جدا"
Плюси: "Everything else was good."
Мінуси: "Landing at JFK was not smooth. One of seat was defective."
Плюси: "The movie selection is always good."
Мінуси: "The crew on this flight were rude which came as a shock to myself as I usually have a great experience flying with Emirates. I wish that was the case this time."
Плюси: "The staff was nice, pleasant and attentive!"
Мінуси: "Loved everything!"
Плюси: "The stewards were really fantastic, and what started out as a delay because of air traffic control, wound up landing on time. Really smooth flight."
Плюси: "Outstanding, professional, courteous, and highly capable staff; beautiful plane; extremely tasty food; generous beverage offerings; smooth flight, including take-off and landing. Kudos to the entire crew and to the Emirates Airline organization."
Мінуси: "The seats were very comfortable, but the leg room was inadequate."
Плюси: "Everything from check in to arrival"
Мінуси: "Food , if you serve Indian food it should comes with chapati and not bread bun."
Плюси: "The vegan (strict vegetarian) meals are great, and they stick with assigned seats which I like as well. Hindu meals contain meat and are not vegetarian, meaning Hindu meals only exclude beef."
Мінуси: "Please people, to make everyone else's ride more enjoyable please do not overpack. You really only need one suitcase and one carryon at maximum even if you are staying in a country for a month or longer. Just wash your clothes there."
Плюси: "Huge variety of inflight entertainment, food was good, unlimited free drinks, comfortable seats"
Плюси: "I like that Jet blue offers movies on the flight and that they accepted Emirates international baggage rate without any questions. That was very important."
Мінуси: "I can't think of anything negative."
Плюси: "The seats are roomy in economy and the food and drink service is very nice. The entertainment offered is extensive."
Мінуси: "I was in 70G and there was a very difficult family next to me. It was not the crew's fault but it made the trip very uncomfortable for me..."
Плюси: "Our company has used emirates in the past ( business class) ..this flight was a last minute decision so was booked in economy. We had seats in row 52 BC - a bulkhead outside the mid galley ....it was an incredible experience to watch the crew start eating from containers, peeling apples and making salads from a plastic bag before the passengers were served. The flight attendants when not eating were taking selfies ...so much for the "emirates experience. The curtain was drawn once for about 15 minutes between our seats and tghe galley area. I was so amazed at the lack of professionalism and the amount of food consumed by the attendants I took photos of the constantly stuffing food in their moths and then trying to speak to passengers."
Мінуси: "See above comments."
Плюси: "Seats recline twice as far as usual, lots of room, great service and 3 meals."
Плюси: "We flew on time"
Мінуси: "It was ok"
Плюси: "The crew was as helpful as can be on a full flight."
Мінуси: "There were so many crying babies. The flight was completely booked and it felt cramped despite the size of the plane."

The staff was extremely attentive and did everything to make the flight comfortable. The atmosphere was relaxing.

Cabin crew were great. Not impressed with the food.

Плюси: "no"
Мінуси: "respect"
Плюси: "Decent seats. Good amenities for a long flight - entertainment, pack with toothbrush/mask/earplugs/socks."
Мінуси: "Food"
Плюси: "Crew was receptive"
Мінуси: "Food boarding"
Плюси: "The crew was exceptional! Seat was comfortable and extra seat not occupied next to me giving me extra elbow room also in addition to sufficient leg room."
Мінуси: "I would have a few suggestions but it would rise the price of ticket significantly. We got what we paid for."
Плюси: "Crew is good. Flight got delayed"
Мінуси: "Food is good."
Мінуси: "Mu luggage got broken"
Мінуси: "Food was just not that great. Too many peppers in everything!"
Плюси: "Crew as very helpful"
Мінуси: "passenger seated next to are rude"
Плюси: "Everything was GREAT!"
Плюси: "On time. No problems"
Мінуси: "Be aware! "When customers purchase tickets they are paying for transportation for the specific class designated on their ticket and not for specific seat assignments. Seat assignments can never guarantee." This is what they emailed me when they did that to me on my pre-selected & confirmed seats!!"
Плюси: "Crew was really amazing."
Мінуси: "Wifi not working- huge disappointment. Seats a bit hard on A350. The overhead bins on the inside suitable only for tall people."
Мінуси: "Internet bad"
Плюси: "Same as above"
Мінуси: "Same as above"
Плюси: "Qatae Airways is second to non as always"
Плюси: "The on flight entertainment is great. It’s very accommodating especially for long flights."
Мінуси: "Onboarding was ridiculous. They merged two gates together with no instructions to the large crowd of people boarding the plane. We were scheduled to start boarding at a certain time and we didn’t actually board until 45 minutes later. When we asked the attendants when we would begin boarding and did they have any instructions they were extremely rude, laughing with one another and taking selfies. When we we asked for the third time they brushed us off with a time frame. It was extremely disappointing."
Мінуси: "n/a"
Плюси: "Everything."
Плюси: "Had always liked the airline and on board crew members"
Мінуси: "Ground crew members in Doha airport need attitude check. been spotting these too often. On Board crew members are much better."
Плюси: "Older plane Older entertainment system"
Мінуси: "Older plane Older entertainment system"
Плюси: "Stellar crew -- super friendly, served water/juices constantly, polite, attentive. To be commended Great choice of movies and entertainment but no wifi???"
Мінуси: "This was an older 777 -- no wifi -- pretty surprising on such a key flight at DOH-JFK! This is not the airline's fault but I had a crazy lady next to me who was very disoriented, who could not speak English and needed assistance. No one would deal with her! She had a little pouch with her name on it -- like a UM -- so someone knew something was not right when they put her on the flight. I bought drinks inside the terminal for this 14 hour flight but they were all confiscated at the additional security at the gate!! WTF"
Мінуси: "carry-on did not fit on center overhead compartment unless I put it side ways (Same carry-on suitcase fit nicely on Emirates airplanes, so the carry-on overhead compartments have been made smaller on Qatar on purpose or by engineering error, and I will not fly Qatar airlines again. Less food options. I went to the Gally and they only had kitkat bars for food. Emirates offer fruit, sandwiches, and many choices at ALL TIMES of the flight for economy class passengers. Entertainment computer (Android based system) ran slow and out of memory at times. Seats were not comfortable for 12hrs flight. My butt was starting to hurt. I did not have this issues on Emirates flights."
Плюси: "They do not provide hotel service even in a 11 hour layover saying the ticket is pomotional. If that is the case, why they sell tickets on promotion? Cheap mentality"
Плюси: "Comfortable, on time"
Мінуси: "The planes weren't as comfortable as others I've been on like the double deckers of Emirates. Their economy class was NOTHING special. Everyone talks about how superior Qatar is, but I found nothing special about it...the seats, the food, the entertainment were all basic and nothing fancy. The crew, while very sweet, seemed inexperienced and green to me..but they were lovely and that's all that ultimately matters."
Плюси: "Hindu meal only be vegetarian"
Мінуси: "All is good"
Мінуси: "Seats on this flight are awful, wonder why they have these seats for long haul flights, not yet all comfortable to sleep on these , I got back pain by the time I got out of the plane."
Плюси: "Excellent service from the crew. Flight on time."
Мінуси: "Some crews are not accommodating."
Плюси: "Again, the crew were top notch"
Мінуси: "Comfort and available entertainment were so-so"
Мінуси: "They announced everything in English and Arabic and repeated the same announcement multiple times. The entertainment is good but frustrating that it is constantly interrupted with announcement about everything. I have never heard that many on any other plane. The announcement about customs paperwork was long and done 2 times in English and 2 times in Arabic. There safety video is soooo long and again is done in two languages. It was just all too much. Besides that everything was great."
Плюси: "Mediocre staff, not very attentive, horrible boarding experience in Doha. Food was inedible, watched a crew member place food she had spilled onto the aisle FLOOR back onto a tray to give to someone as if nothing happened, which prompted me not to anything for an 8 hour trip. DISGUSTING!"
Мінуси: "I will never purchase a flight with Qatar"
Мінуси: "I will never ever fly Qatar airlines again. The boarding for this flight in Doha was horrendous. I and a random group of passengers were made to wait with no explanation AFTER our electronics were already cleared to go through yet another security check. They said we were selected for screening but all the other people they took before us were screened the exact same way. It was stressful and traumatizing to stand for 45 minutes with no clear explanation. The crew were clearly new at their job or ill trained. On top of that they consistently ran out of food they were serving and was forced to take the vegetarian option when it's not what I wanted. I could not wait to leave Doha and exit Qatar airways. I hated my experience traveling with Qatar. It was stressful and traumatic. I want a full refund. I will also be advising all my friends to never fly Qatar. It was the WORST!"
Плюси: "The was very hospitalty"
Мінуси: "Every thing was amazing"
Плюси: "Great airline...nice staff, very attentive and polite."
Плюси: "Considering how long it was, not much could have been better. It wasn't too crowded, so the seat next to me was free, which made getting some sleep easier."
Плюси: "Very spacious, good food & service"
Плюси: "everything!"
Мінуси: "is it true that Qatar treats the passengers coming to US differently than the passengers going out of US. I noticed that the crew was giving menu cards for dinner when coming back to US. Food quality is very ad, quantity is small also. same story with snacks. they don't offer enough food overall. The crew should be trained better for int'l passengers."
Плюси: "The Steward on this flight was excellent. Very attentive and pleasant. He asked at the end of my flight how was everything. Food was good ."
Мінуси: "This flight was better than the flight going out to Doha , then to Abu Dhabi. You guys were late landing,and as a result I almost missed my connecting flight, was rushed thru the airport like a lunatic by one of your Reps. Then was told my luggage may not be in Abu Dhabi when I arrive, which it was not. My paid for seat wasn't available and had to sit in the back. Had to fill out a lost luggage report in Abu Dhabi. Was promised my luggage by 4:30 pm . Didn't receive it until 2:30 am next day. Missed my whole first day of vacation as I had no clothes , toiletries, etc . Very angry, and feel I should get a substantial discount on my next flight in March to Dubai. Totally unacceptable !!!!!!!"
Мінуси: "They supposed to provide Wheel chair for my elderly mother in Law who had a foot fracture, was very hard /painful to walk. I confirmed the wheelchair option well advance before her travel date in Qatar Airways Web site. I got the confirmation also in the Qatar Airways Web site. I usually fly with my family as I have a big family with couple of children and elderly. I will never fly Qatar again, this was the 1st and the last fly with Qatar airways."
Плюси: "Nothing"
Мінуси: "The first flight of my journey was delayed which made me late for my next two connecting flights. I arrived on vacation a day late. Paid for a hotel and activities that I never used. My bag arrived 5 days late. I had to buy clothes on a daily basis which ate up more time and fun money. The airline gave me nothing except empty promises and dismissive apologies."
Мінуси: "No entertainment service from Doha to New York"
Плюси: "Boarding on time. Crew was very nice except food option."
Мінуси: "My wife didn't get veg food she is looking for. We asked crew and they said they don't have."
Мінуси: "N/A"
Плюси: "The entertainment choices were great."
Мінуси: "We sat in front of a row of children who kicked the back of my seat for 13 hrs straight. We spoke to a flight attendant about it early on in the flight, spoke to the kids and spoke to the parents. Then spoke to the kids and parents mid flight. And then spoke to them all, including a flight attendant towards the end of the flight. The issue was never resolved. We asked to change our seats but could not. We asked for the parents to trade seats with the kids and they would not. It was the worst, most uncomfortable flight I have ever taken. And I fly regularly for work and for pleasure. It was an absolutely horrible experience. I was actually in tears on the flight because I was so tired, uncomfortable and frustrated."

Rude customer service. Felt some type of prejudice

The layover in Istanbul was 1 hour 5 mins. That is NOT ENOUGH TIME to get from one gate to another and go through security again. By the time my plane landed from Kiev to Istanbul, the flight to San Francisco was already boarding. I had to cross a very long airport, go back into security check and then run another 15 mins. I barely made the flight and they were about to close the door when I arrived. Turkish Airlines should NOT SELL TICKETS WITH SUCH SHORT LAYOVER WITHOUT ACCOMODATING US or helping us to get to the other gate faster. It was a very bad experience. Why sell tickets with unreasonable layover times? It is not fair for the customer and not feasible to make the flight.

Very poor customer service Airport staff has no compassion Hotel stay was worst ever in my life Very rude hotel staff No food provided during hotel stay Flight connected delayed for 6 hours on outbound flight and missed connection due to flight delay on inbound flight



Cabin crew in business class seem so rushed. Hurry up and serve food, hurry up and clear trays, hurry up and get things done. It felt frantic but overall it was okay.

Everything good, Thanks so much

Everything was great with Turkish Airlines.

Плюси: "Efficient flight, crew professional"
Мінуси: "Food. Very bad. Cold sack meals and basically just the same twice. Not good fir a 11 hr flight."
Плюси: "Everything"
Мінуси: "Sometime complicated to buy tickets, its sending you to other websites! It would be nice to buy everything straight from Kayak"
Мінуси: "Turkish Airlines are doing great job for customer satisfaction services and timing"
Плюси: "Food was ok"
Мінуси: "Seats..."
Плюси: "Nothing"
Мінуси: "Nicer personal at check in ,nicer crew,better food."
Плюси: "The aircraft is a marvel."
Мінуси: "The food is a bummer. No coffee, no tea, no beverages. What's the point? How eating a stew is different from eating a small sandwich? What's the reason? Nobody care to explain..."
Мінуси: "Horrible food, crew wasn’t nice"
Мінуси: "everything...terrible airline"
Плюси: "crew"
Мінуси: "delayed flight management"
Плюси: "yes"
Мінуси: "nothing"
Плюси: "Seats were confortable, new plane, the crew was attentive, food was great."
Мінуси: "Need to update the movie library, the category with the new movies is probably a year or morw old."
Плюси: "So far nothing. Plane from Ukraine was delayed by 2 hours and we missed our connecting flight to Washington DC. Now we have to spend a night in Istanbul and missing the event that we had to attend on Feb 26!"
Мінуси: "Would be better if flight waited just 15 min to let passengers from delayed flight to get on board"
Плюси: "Liked that in this day's of cost cutting by most airlines, Turkish decided to win customers with Quality! Premium liquid soap, cologne and moisturizer in the lavatories, fresh seafood in ordered special meals, friendly service and good entertainment. Thank you! Didn't expect..."
Плюси: "I was feeling very bad during flight. Crew made everything possible to make this flight comfortable for me. They took good care of me and were stopping by me, to check how am I feeling during whole flight."
Мінуси: "This is not about airlines, but about passengers. All airlines should prohibit passengers to use fragrance. This lady who flew next to me, had strong perfume and it felt like she used half of the bottle, cause it was impossible to breath."
Плюси: "Food, clean plane, Nice staff"
Мінуси: "Flight delayed missed connection lost bag"
Плюси: "The bathroom was clean in the beginning of the flight. Speak some English ."
Мінуси: "Their crew wars lazy . In 12 h flight I got coffee only once . The food was ok, bread was old. Airplane was dirty. Called for flight attendant but had to go to look for them by myself . By the end of the flight there was hardly any jews laughed and no Lamons. The plane was not ready to be full Of people."
Мінуси: "What is the point of paying business if you don't get the extras... No priority boarding, fighting for luggage overhead room, economy customers running to the front not allowing for comfortable disembarking of business class customers .. Just not what you would expect from business class."
Плюси: "Food excellent,crew are friendly, polite."
Мінуси: "Nothing"
Плюси: "The food and the staff are excellent. 90% of the time I can get an exit row seat as I am 6 foot 2. I fly Turkish airlines frequently. This time the plane was full, so I understand that it was not possible."
Мінуси: "A passenger and his wife were not seated together, so the passenger wanted to stand in the isle and talk to his wife over the top of me for significant portions of the fight. In a full flight keeping passengers out of the isle os key. I know this was a difficult flight for the crew."
Плюси: "I was very much impressed with the care and attention of people concerned about me boarding my plane on time once I reached the boarding gate."
Мінуси: "The difficulty I encountered in discovering and finding my boarding gate in Boston."
Плюси: "Friendly and helpful flight attendants, delicious food, great movie selection."
Плюси: "On time, hard working staff."
Мінуси: "The usual dislikes: economy seats, crying babies, body odor of other passengers."
Плюси: "didn’t like anything"
Мінуси: "Very uncomfortable craft with not enough space, the man sitting in front of me was lying on my knees for the whole trip even during service. I couldn’t watch TV ‘coz it was just in front of my nose."
Плюси: "The best trip! Thk"s! Good luck,T.Airlines!"
Плюси: "They crew were very pleasant and polite. It was one of best flights I have had."
Мінуси: "They're wasn't anything I didn't like."
Плюси: "It was a short flight. Lemonade"
Мінуси: "All was fine."
Плюси: "Freebies gifts"
Мінуси: "Nothing"
Плюси: "Early arrival by full 30 minutes--great."
Мінуси: "Crying babies, but not airline's fault."
Плюси: "The staff were attentive to the passengers."
Мінуси: "The food needs to be warmer."
Плюси: "The crew were amazing.. very helpful and accommodating! The food was also 5 stars, and the entertainment was great! Enjoyed every minute of it!"
Мінуси: "Boarding was not really done according to groups A, B, etc, but it was only a small holdup.. really nothing much at all :) Comfort was great, although a little more leg room might have been nice. But again, not a really big deal!"
Мінуси: "On of stewardess was very rude ."
Плюси: "Average good service, food"
Мінуси: "Entertainment. Poor movie choice, headphones not good"
Плюси: "Nice little commuter plane from one destination to another. Nothing particular fancy or negative to say other than a good charter plane to get to your layover for the final flight back home."
Мінуси: "Not having a jet bridge and having to board a bus to get to the plane."
Плюси: "Nothing"
Мінуси: "Staff was rude, was so bad cannot even use word customer service to describe it"
Плюси: "The sevicewas great! i liked their food. It was very fresh and testy. The tv screen had a lots of great movies. I enjoyed my flight. Thanks"
Плюси: "The flight attendants were pleasant and very attentive. Great meals."
Мінуси: "Had trouble with the seat leaning back on one of glights"
Мінуси: "Everything was really good"

The crew was visible, helping and offering drinks all the time. The checking at the gate was unprofessional, and the boarding was a mess.

Плюси: "Perfect"
Мінуси: "More food"
Плюси: "Why the 3 hours delay?"
Мінуси: "Be on time"
Плюси: "This was a flight operated by Austrian Airlines, which does a substantially better job than United."
Мінуси: "Poor selection of films on the entertainment system."
Плюси: "Amazing"
Мінуси: "Nothing"
Плюси: "Crew was friendly and helpful, food was tasty and flight was nice and smooth."
Мінуси: "It would be wonderful to have all seats the same as first class for a long distance flight."
Плюси: "It was a high quality service hands down."
Мінуси: "The available entertainment choices were a little limited."
Плюси: "Almost every thing was very good"
Мінуси: "My selection in pasta... was not bad but it was bit dry other than that no complains....thanks for save trip."
Плюси: "Medical help"
Плюси: "Great staff, good meals, snacks, and drinks thru the entire flight."
Плюси: "On time"
Мінуси: "I have been selected for additional screening at Vienna airport which was very time consuming and not very pleasant"
Мінуси: "the entertainment was broken, they didn't offer WIFI. the crew was very rude and crabby."
Мінуси: "it was canceled and i still waiting for refund so i did get ticket on vayama how i get email from kayak"
Плюси: "It was a very safe trip"
Мінуси: "Small space in Economy class"
Мінуси: "Firstly . The crew were rude ! They did not even response when were calling them from the seat . The only way to talk to them is to find them at the end of the plane ( where they been chating with each other ) Secondly . The amount of snacks was limited where’s in Turkish airlines it’s unlimited and you can choose different sandwiches whereas in Austrian airilines can offer biscuits and Cookies ;( Thirdly . We are living in 21 century and most transatlantic airlines have WiFi ! Where’s Austrian did not have it!"
Мінуси: "Entertainment options are limited. Austrian flight attendants were quite grumpy on this flight."
Плюси: "I received an upgrade to a larger and more comfortable seat. The beverages were good and the staff was terrific."
Мінуси: "The food quantity was skimpy considering the duration of the flight."
Мінуси: "Flight was cancelled. Ended up on Swiss Air. Only good thing about Austrian was they booked us on other flights at the check in desk."
Плюси: "Boarding process quick and on time."
Мінуси: "no entertainment to rate."
Плюси: "Nice"
Мінуси: "Food"
Плюси: "I like the food , service and clean airplane."
Плюси: "Was on partner airline Austrian Air. Very good service."
Мінуси: "At Vienna gate G31 it was difficult to hear announcements."
Плюси: "The plane was comfortable even in economy. The crew were helpful and professional. Good food."
Мінуси: "We were boarded and then told we had to sit on the plane for 45 minutes before take off. It's possible this way beyond the crew's control, but still would've been better to wait in the airport. Also, the movie selection was smallish compared to some other airlines."
Плюси: "The flight attendants were beautiful"
Мінуси: "N/a"
Плюси: "When you travel with an infant it's already a difficult trip but it's really fraustrating when you find out that they didn't assign you to the seats with the baby bassanet, and when I went to the counter to fix the problem instead they change our window seats to an isle seats without even asking or notifying us with the changes, and they when I asked how come you don't automatically assign infant reservations to infant seats their excuse was what if there were more infants than available infant seats and they already gave out those seats with extended leg space to others who already had paid for it, and surprisingly there were multiple of infants on board none of them in those seats but rather the other passengers who paid for it, so basically they got paid extra and you will only suffer for almost 10 hrs so they can make extra profit. NEVER AGAIN AUSTRIAN AIRLINES!!!"
Мінуси: "Entertainment on board was useful"
Мінуси: "Austrian Air has really slipped in its food-product.. Lufthansa put out snacks (cookies etc; even small sandwiches to 'help yourself from' going from Atlanta to Frankfort which was nice). But not the case with Austrian The serving of it was fine. Restroom options are less than adequate too."
Мінуси: "Too many customers use more than their fair share of the overhead space. A lot of passengers placed their luggage and their personal item above. This left those of use who use only our fair alottment searching for a place for what we fairly should be allowed to use."
Плюси: "The flight attendants were very friendly and spoke English well. Loved the food and the service"
Плюси: "I enjoyed the flight along with my girlfriend from beginning to end. The flight attendants were very courteous & the service was fast & the food & drink portions were generous."
Мінуси: "One flight was cancelled resulting in a 6 hour wait, the second flight was 2 hours late. Meat meals ran out quick resulting in a vegetarian only option for a lot of passengers"
Плюси: "It was the best flight I've had and the best Pilot. Thank you, Corina Pauta"
Мінуси: "My flight to JFK on August 31 was cancelled. And they didn't provide me ticket same day. They gave ticket for next day. I had problems at work and other issues because of that."
Плюси: "The flight was good, the food was good, the crew was excellent"
Мінуси: "The wheel on my luggage was broken (it was fine the whole trip). I had to throw out my bag after I got it home"
Плюси: "The service on board was fantastic. The flight was very smooth."
Плюси: "Everything"
Мінуси: "Nothing"
Плюси: "All"
Мінуси: "0"
Плюси: "best blanket any business class."
Плюси: "the crew"
Мінуси: "There was no space. Even though I wore compression socks and got up to walk frequently, my legs were bruised as I could not stretch out for any extended time. The seats are cramped and you are in one position. The flight was almost 9 hours and it was too much for me."
Мінуси: "Delayed boarding"
Плюси: "Reasonably on time. Food and service were passable."
Мінуси: "Very old plane, the entertainment system was awful. Wifi did not work at all."
Плюси: "The crew were nice."
Мінуси: "Food & extremely old plane with no electrical outlets no Wi-Fi and the entertainment system was rubbish . The food was terrible. One passenger mentioned that the bathroom was in terrible shape. I actually tidied up the bathroom before I left cause my bathroom was also in terrible shape or getting there. This plane needs to be retired it is so old! United Airlines should be embarrassed! I can't believe this plane is still in circulation at least the inside of it! How about updating it to modern times?"
Плюси: "Served a lot of food. Most personnel friendly and helpful. Enjoyed entertainment selections. Plus this flight was $300 cheaper than the others. Convenient times and choice of airports."
Плюси: "I liked the service and the polite staff. Timelyness also we liked.I will use united again."
Плюси: "The flight was quick, food good, crew friendly. we landet earlier than expected."
Мінуси: "This was an older plane and even I paid for economy plus, there was no outlet, no on ddemand movies and the seat was not as comfortable as in a newer plane. Very little space in the overhead departments, even for carry on luggage."
Плюси: "Everything was fine — but every bit of this flight was managed by United — the aircraft, the crew, the check-in desk — never encountered anything related to Austrian Air the whole time."
Плюси: "Flight wasn't overcrowded Attendants were very nice Entertainment system was very good (new screens with easy interface, broad selection of movies and TV shows)"
Мінуси: "Food and beverages could have been a bit more frequent. One lunch and a small sandwich over a 9 hour flight, I felt hungry at some point"
Мінуси: "I am charged twice/ one from united and another from Austrian airlines and at this point trying to resolve that. Very disappointing at best. The seat upgrade for $139 was a rip off."
Плюси: "Nothing was overly terrible. The chicken was pretty good. Mostly on time departure and arrival. And smooth boarding / exiting process."
Мінуси: "Food - pasta was awful, snack was tiny, 9h 30m flight. Should probably have more than a half a sandwich snack. Space - tiny. I am 6' and 190lbs, knees were basically wedged against the seat in front of me. My girlfriend is 5'9" and she was even complaining about space. Entertainment - really limited movie selection."
Плюси: "It was very comfortable flight, seats overall, and service. EveryONE was very helpful. I really enjoyed this trip, and for sure with all my chances I'll take Austrian airlines. Thank you for your work and patient. I wish all airlines were as good as you are."

I liked always, it is really good flight

Плюси: "All is excellent"
Плюси: "I like that the boarding was delayed mid-way for some unknown reason (thus, the take-off was 15 min delayed), and I was able to get on the plane with my short connection not being the last passenger. :)"
Мінуси: "Food could have been better."
Плюси: "good"
Мінуси: "improve list of movies"
Мінуси: "Not allowing babies in first class. Couldn’t sleep with the baby crying."
Мінуси: "Enterteiment, movies"
Плюси: "Fast, one stop, better than three weeks on a boat"
Мінуси: "Broken entertainment center, no vegan meal although selected at booking, very cold."
Плюси: "Crew was great, the airplane was big with a leg room!!!"
Плюси: "Nice crew, great flight entertainment."
Мінуси: "N/A"
Плюси: "The aircraft."
Мінуси: "Boarding crew in Warsaw very unprofessional, rude and unhelpful! No info, no communication at the gate! Crew joking about personal stuff, on personal phones, ignoring passengers! I actually made a video of them, shocking behavior!"
Плюси: "Complimentary upgrade to business class - wonderful!"
Мінуси: "Delightful service and food."
Плюси: "Crew as great! Good seats and good entertainment"
Мінуси: "Cleaner bathrooms"
Мінуси: "Food is not the best I had on an airplane but crew is super nice and accommodating ,airplane is clean,overall a great experience"
Плюси: "Crew was excellent. Seat was very tight (middle section, middle seat)"
Плюси: "Crew has improved significantly over the last few years, actually pleasant compared to the horrible attitudes they had years ago. Seat was OK, good leg room on the 798-9."
Плюси: "The only good thing was that it got me from Point A to Point B and my bag wasn't lost or damaged."
Мінуси: "The seats are so incredibly small for a long haul flight. Two people must compete for shoulder space, as there simply isn't enough room for both to sit back completely. Constant elbow issues and a feeling of being locked into a small space. I've never been so happy to exit from a flight. Note that on the JFK-BUD-JFK route, LOT subcontracts to a low-cost Portuguese airline, so this plane isn't configured for a trans-Atlantic flight, at least not for a minimal level of comfort. Never again. Pay more for a decent seat on another carrier! And take a large bottle of water, as they're not at all generous with the water, soda, and juice. My seatmate and I were parched and couldn't wait to clear customs so as to buy a bottle of water."
Мінуси: "Because LOT flight from Lviv was late we did not make the connecting flight to New York and had to spend the night in Warsaw."
Мінуси: "Crew was having dificulty communicating in English."
Плюси: "Movie selection was good"
Мінуси: "The boarding was very slow."
Мінуси: "The flight was delayed over 3 hours and there was no communication at all. Our questions were ignored."
Плюси: "Staff was very nice and friendly"
Плюси: "Seat comfort. Smooth flight."
Мінуси: "55min delayed boarding at JFK, 55min delayed landing ans 35min awaiting gate access upon landing at JFK."
Плюси: "Courteous, knowledgeable and professional crew. Fast boarding. Direct flight."
Мінуси: "No wifi. Little room if person sitting in front leans back."
Плюси: "Business class was very roomy. There was easy access to storage. The flight crew was extremely courteous and did their very best to see to the needs of the passengers."
Мінуси: "The seats, when in reclining position, could have been a bit more comfortable."
Мінуси: "Terrible and stressful experience transferring at WAW airport with crowded security lines and no guiding personnel. Slight delay this time (compared to the first leg of my trip couple of weeks ago with 3h delay and missed connections)"
Плюси: "Crew was very polite, smiling and accommodating , food was great quality, good selection of entertainment on board. Comparing what LOT was few years ago, they have made a huge progress and overall improved everything across the board. We got to destination before scheduled time."
Мінуси: "I don’t like to seat next to toddlers. They should have special place, separate area just for families with kids, fare on the end of corridor. Noice , activities, banging and smelling, not pleasant and not confortable for what I paid. My comfort of flight with LOT was completely ruined this time."
Плюси: "I am not sure where to start from but each lot employee I talk with had poor English and not the tinyest willing to help just to move , I had a flight back from cezh republic to JFK with a stop in Warsaw When I got to the front desk in the air port to print my ticket the Liady ( work at Sation 236 ) was very rude and anti costumer service she print me only my first fly ticket and when I ask why she " I don't know " I said ok so when u get there you know which get I go or where I will print the other ticket she say I don't know Ok and then I ask her can u check if it a room I. My flight from Warsaw to JFK in business it this moment she tell me I can switch sit and ask me to go I was shocked but this was only the bigining when I got to Warsaw I ask in the gate counter where should I go to print my ticket after I try to explain him 10 times what I mean ( he didn't speak English at all ) he told me to go pass the passport check and in gate 21 they will print it to me I fly a lot so I ask him if he sure becuse I am petty sure I will need my ticket the guy at the desk repeat imhim self so I want and waited 25-30 min in the line so the police officer in the passport check will tell me I need to go print my ticket So after the officer from the passport desk call someone he direct me to go to hate 26 and there they will print my ticket I want them and again wait for 15 min to print my ticket ( it was only me this is the sad thing I don't know what tool 15 min to print a ticket ) and it amazing how unsocial and 0 in customer service the lot polish employees I meet And this is without talking about the delay in my coming flight for 2-3 hrs ( a delay it something that happen a lot yes but the way they handled it again 0 in costumer service )"
Мінуси: "The flight attendant was very nice and professional but it was business class so u can't really compare I will definitely will not recommend ppl to fly with them This is not the service you accept for 3000$ flight"
Плюси: "Food and staff was amazing"
Мінуси: "TV didn't work good"
Мінуси: "I paid $ 55 extra for my seat # 20G.Company changed aircraft(it was Boeing 777-200).I did't get what i paid for. They gave me seat #30G(regular).Do i have a chance to get my money back?"
Мінуси: "Terrible old plane, with tv that don't work and are from 50s. Food was really really bad"
Мінуси: "Departure late about 4 hrs, little information along the way. More waiting at arrival for gate to open up due to late arrival. Seats are not comfortable."
Мінуси: "Going to board the plane and they told a group of like 30 of us we had been selected for random security check. So obviously it took a long time to get all those people through the check and we departed very late. Then sat on the tarmac for an hour and forty five minutes. The pilot said it would be 15 minutes and then never gave another update beyond that, which made it much worse."
Плюси: "I have been flying with them for the past 16 years(economy seats), and I have to say that their service,and comfort of overnight flights have improved tremendously! Partially due to the fact that they have 787 Dreamliners now, in which the seats are wider and are reclining more than before, the leg room is bigger, the air quality better. The crew members are very professional,not overly sweet,yet caring and understanding,especially when you are flying with small children.As to those complaining about overcharged luggage- read the rules people! If you go over the maximum limit of 50lb for a check in, let's say 2lb,they won't charge you,but don't expect them to close their eyes when your luggage weighs almost double that!"
Мінуси: "The food is ok, nicely packed, but even if you don't like it they have extra options to purchase for a small price."
Плюси: "Food was good."
Мінуси: "At boarding we were told we needed an additional security clearance "that way". When we searched for it and couldn't find it, we asked two different employees and they didn't know or offer to help. We finally found it but it wasn't a good experience. And finding out at boarding time was not helpful."
Мінуси: "Many people on this flight were bothered by the fact that their families were split up all over the airplane and no one could sit together. During boarding there were groups of people who had all been split up and were desperately trying to switch seats with others. I was traveling with a 15 year old, and even though she is not a small child it was very nerve wrecking to be seated 20 rows behind her, not being able to keep an eye on her (even more so because she gets car sick and has thrown up on airplanes before). I don't think I've ever flown where my group was not at least seated in pairs. This was very disappointing."
Плюси: "Food and entertainment was ok. They usually charge for any alcoholic beverages, though."
Мінуси: "Extremely rude staff (allowed a passenger to almost break my hand luggage with hers, and literally laughed at my concern,) kept us on plane for 2+ hours with minimal info given on the problem, then de-planed and kept us waiting at Warsaw airport for another 2 hours (no food, water or even a manager appeared until the end of that 4 hours, by the way, and only after a screaming mob of passengers formed,) then kept us on the new plane for nearly another 2 hours. This made for an approximate 6 hour delay, with minimal comfort, food, water, info or sympathy throughout, nor an offer to switch our flights and/or provide night accommodation due to the 5+ hour delay on this evening flight (as is within our passenger rights.) The plane finally arrived to JFK way after 1 a.m., which completely ruined weekend work and social plans, not to mention how exhausting and disrespectful of an experience it was. PLEASE NOTE THAT EVERY SINGLE OF THE FOUR LOT FLIGHTS I'D UNDERTAKEN THAT WEEK WERE DELAYED IN A SIMILAR FASHION - AS IN, WITH LITTLE INFO OR EXCUSE. No, thanks, Lot - and you should refund us all."
Плюси: "Pleasant personal, great service!"
Плюси: "Service, food, entertainment were of good quality"
Мінуси: "Flight was delayed 40 min; after landing the plane was sitting on the field forever; during descent, my ears started aching, and I think I got some kind of vestibular system damage, possibly from an overly fast descent. Not good."
Плюси: "The crew was helpful and friendly. On this flight we had a delicious meal, snacks, drinks, refreshing towels. What an great experience after flying in the US where all these services have disappeared for bottom line profits."
Мінуси: "There was nothing to dislike."
Плюси: "Entertainment was good. food was free"
Мінуси: "Then the flight from warsaw to JFK was fine, but when we landed there was only 10 minutes for me to get to my next flight and i asked the attendant if she could call my gate ahead and tell them I'm trying to make it, and she grunted and told me to sit back down. Then i proceeded to go to baggage claim where my bag never showed up and when I finally saw that it wasn't showing up I sprinted to my next flight and got to the door 15 seconds after it closed. Then i had to spend the night in NYC and was unable to go to buffalo unitl the morning after having spent already the whole day in the airport since my first flight didn't take off until about 5 hours after it was scheduled. And now I still do not have my bag, and jet blue says they never got it from LOT airlines"
Мінуси: "The crew had everyone measure their suitcases and pay for overweight, which significantly delayed boarding."
Плюси: "Boarding was very efficient"
Мінуси: "There is basically no room for passengers left on those airplanes, it's a disgrace. The food is a joke."
Мінуси: "15 minute delay waiting for a gate to become available after taxiing to the terminal at JFK. Ridiculous!"
Плюси: "Great crew and the flight was very nice. Food was decent and boarding was done as quickly and orderly as possible."
Мінуси: "While this is not the airline's fault. The guy next to me was too big for the seat and his stench was overwhelming."
Плюси: "The food and service was very good."
Мінуси: "The seating arrangement. Unless you have an isle seat,you have to climb over someone to get to the isle."
Плюси: "Not much"
Мінуси: "Attitude of the Stewart was terrible she was a little cocky and didn't appreciate her attitude"
Плюси: "I only liked that I got to watch a few movies to kill the worst experience I had !"
Мінуси: "I didn't like that I got no food I asked for a water bottle never got it! I was hungry the entire flight I was only lucky to be close to the bathroom"
Плюси: "Everything was excellent."
Плюси: "The seats were comfortable."
Мінуси: "After the flight was delayed for an hour several days in advance, I thought it could still be OK. But when they kept us at the gate for another 1.5 hours without any information as to why we were not boarding, I just about lost it. Delays happen. That is not the problem. But the staff was rude and did not inform us about when or if we would be leaving. When asked about missed connections, said they know nothing and the transfer desk will handle that. I was travelling with my cat, so for me it was super stressful. Once we did arrive to JFK, there were no more flights to RDU that night and it took forever and then some to get me a hotel that would accommodate a cat. Just fly another airline."
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Заходи безпеки авіакомпаній, які здійснюють рейси до Бруклін

Авіакомпанії, які здійснюють рейси до Бруклін, вжили додаткових заходів безпеки й оновили свої правила перевезення, щоб краще задовольняти потреби мандрівників. Ці правила можуть бути різними залежно від авіакомпанії.

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Актуальні пропозиції авіаквитків в обидва боки

1 пересадкаAustrian Airlines
13 год. 25 хв.KBP-EWR
1 пересадкаAustrian Airlines
24 год. 00 хв.EWR-KBP
₴15 224
1 пересадкаAustrian Airlines
13 год. 25 хв.KBP-EWR
2 пересадкиAustrian Airlines
21 год. 10 хв.EWR-KBP
₴15 487
1 пересадкаAustrian Airlines
19 год. 35 хв.KBP-JFK
1 пересадкаAustrian Airlines
32 год. 05 хв.JFK-KBP
₴15 517
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
33 год. 00 хв.KBP-EWR
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
21 год. 10 хв.EWR-KBP
₴16 600
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
19 год. 35 хв.KBP-JFK
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
22 год. 10 хв.JFK-KBP
₴18 796
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
19 год. 35 хв.KBP-JFK
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
13 год. 10 хв.JFK-KBP
₴19 381
1 пересадкаTurkish Airlines
25 год. 30 хв.KBP-EWR
1 пересадкаTurkish Airlines
20 год. 05 хв.EWR-KBP
₴21 957
1 пересадкаTurkish Airlines
25 год. 25 хв.KBP-JFK
1 пересадкаTurkish Airlines
12 год. 55 хв.JFK-KBP
₴22 572
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
21 год. 45 хв.KBP-JFK
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
21 год. 25 хв.JFK-KBP
₴34 810
2 пересадкиEmirates
25 год. 15 хв.KBP-JFK
1 пересадкаEmirates
29 год. 20 хв.JFK-KBP
₴35 571
1 пересадкаQatar Airways
21 год. 45 хв.KBP-JFK
1 пересадкаQatar Airways
30 год. 25 хв.JFK-KBP
₴39 055
1 пересадкаLOT
21 год. 25 хв.IEV-JFK
1 пересадкаLOT
20 год. 20 хв.JFK-IEV
₴40 080
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
25 год. 25 хв.KBP-JFK
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
30 год. 25 хв.JFK-KBP
₴40 958
2 пересадкиLOT
31 год. 50 хв.KBP-JFK
1 пересадкаLOT
12 год. 20 хв.JFK-KBP
₴41 836
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
21 год. 45 хв.KBP-JFK
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
19 год. 50 хв.JFK-KBP
₴41 866
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
28 год. 30 хв.KBP-JFK
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
30 год. 25 хв.JFK-KBP
₴42 480
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
25 год. 15 хв.KBP-JFK
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
30 год. 25 хв.JFK-KBP
₴55 977
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
34 год. 29 хв.KBP-JFK
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
16 год. 15 хв.JFK-KBP
₴62 008

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Актуальні пропозиції авіаквитків в один бік

1 пересадкаQatar Airways
21 год. 45 хв.KBP-JFK
₴17 039
1 пересадкаQatar Airways
21 год. 45 хв.KBP-JFK
₴17 068
1 пересадкаQatar Airways
35 год. 45 хв.KBP-JFK
₴17 127
1 пересадкаQatar Airways
35 год. 45 хв.KBP-JFK
₴17 185
1 пересадкаQatar Airways
35 год. 45 хв.KBP-JFK
₴18 093
2 пересадкиairBaltic
21 год. 50 хв.KBP-JFK
₴21 957
2 пересадкиairBaltic
21 год. 50 хв.KBP-EWR
₴21 957
1 пересадкаTurkish Airlines
19 год. 15 хв.KBP-EWR
₴24 885
1 пересадкаTurkish Airlines
14 год. 15 хв.KBP-EWR
₴25 002
2 пересадкиairBaltic
21 год. 50 хв.KBP-JFK
₴28 633
2 пересадкиairBaltic
21 год. 50 хв.KBP-EWR
₴28 633
2 пересадкиQatar Airways
34 год. 33 хв.KBP-EWR
₴32 292
2 пересадкиQatar Airways
33 год. 31 хв.KBP-JFK
₴33 024
1 пересадкаLOT
33 год. 45 хв.KBP-EWR
₴38 674
1 пересадкаLOT
34 год. 10 хв.KBP-EWR
₴41 251
1 пересадкаLOT
21 год. 25 хв.IEV-JFK
₴41 280
2 пересадкиLOT
58 год. 10 хв.KBP-EWR
₴41 456
2 пересадкиLOT
19 год. 10 хв.IEV-EWR
₴41 602
1 пересадкаLOT
19 год. 10 хв.IEV-EWR
₴41 661
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
14 год. 55 хв.IEV-JFK
₴83 204

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