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18 трав. — 25 трав.1
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Найкращі авіакомпанії на маршруті Швейцарія – Київ Бориспіль

Оцінка на основі відгуків користувачів KAYAK
LufthansaКількість відгуків: 28393
Відгуки про авіакомпанію
Плюси: "crew"
Мінуси: "not enough food"
Докладніше про Lufthansa
Плюси: "crew"
Мінуси: "not enough food"
Плюси: "Comfortable"
Мінуси: "All god nice flight crew helpful. A well organized flight just what you would expect from a German airline"
Мінуси: "The flight was cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow same time due to bad weather. I had a child with me and it took 2.5 hours for us in the airport to get a hotel and taxi for night stay and I reached at 0030 at night. The lufthansa staff was not helpful at the start. I will missed a meeting for"
Плюси: "Crew was great, plane was nice"
Мінуси: "delayed again, almost missed connection"
Плюси: "The crew was very nice and efficient, even though there seem to be only two of them."
Мінуси: "Seats did not recline, and it is hard for those of us trying to sleep after connecting from a trans-Atlantic flight."
Плюси: "The crew was o.k."
Мінуси: "There were not enough vegetarian options, so I had only bread, butter, and dessert."
Плюси: "Airbus seats, n/a considering short flight"
Мінуси: "Some staff ignored us in our isle"
Плюси: "The Crew was very helpful, they were always around and offering all kind of help."
Мінуси: "The food was very cheap, we had no choice for a better offer. We were hungry and had to eat.... The seats were changed at the last minute, we were very upset!!! We did our confirmation on line and get our seats assigned. When we got to the airport we were surprised that they changed them."
Плюси: "One flight attendant in particular was outstanding, Eva. Because of her, I would definitely consider Lufthansa for our next trip to Europe!! She mot definitely went above and beyond in her service and professionalism."
Плюси: "Food was bearable"
Мінуси: "Delayed, the gate was changed 3 times."
Плюси: "Food was Good, flight was without much stress and a little faster to compensate for the delay."
Мінуси: "Delayed boarding, no announcements, long wait in line for boarding, repeated delays. Not the first time - Every tome I use this flight it is delayed and without clear information to passengers how much delay is anticipated. Announcements, even if they come - come not loud, simultaneous with other announcements - so impossible to hear. Scheduled gate is moved every time too."
Плюси: "There was no communication between aircrew and gate for transfers. There is a new additional check between gates and no passenger was informed. This security check was over an hour long. The flight was not held for me and other passengers and when we arrived at the gate they were oblivious of the fact that we had been held up in what seemed to be a Km long security line."
Плюси: "Attitude of staff"
Мінуси: "Food and delay"
Мінуси: "It was completely out of the airline's control but we were very delayed due to bed weather in Frankfurt"
Плюси: "Crew greeted every passenger with a smile on entry and exit! So nice. Delicious, large cookie for a short flight."
Мінуси: "Boarding was poor. Did not board back of aircraft first like Lufthansa does on other flights. Felt sardined almost because of a full flight"
Плюси: "Pleasant cabin crew."
Мінуси: "DREADFUL seats for the price. Small, coffin-like affairs packed together like proverbial sardines. I can't believe there are still middle seats for this price on a modern wide body aircraft. I was on the inside and had to step over my neighbor. The food choices were so unappetizing that I opted not to eat. I usually fly SAS business class, and based on this experience with United, I will go straight back to SAS. They offer better service, better menu choices, and first class seating for the same price. Easy decision."
Плюси: "Attendes very keen in attend Crew increased the speed to repair the delay"
Мінуси: "Delay due weather"
Плюси: "Flight and attention"
Мінуси: "Nothing in particular"
Мінуси: "A good portion of the time i have flown with lufthansa with a checked bag, something has been damaged. I dont know how hard Lufthansa had to hit or throw my bag to break something wrapped in the center but they did it!"
Плюси: "The crew were friendly"
Мінуси: "Nothing I didn't like"
Мінуси: "I wish boarding by Priority was better organized"
Мінуси: "Boading priority was not possible, due to the massive amount of people crowding the entrance. Very hectic and uncoordinated boarding process. I always fly first row to be able to work with my laptop, however due to a last minute plane change the new A321 did not have a 1D or 1F, only 1A and 1C. I had booked 1D, but was moved back to 5D with absolutely no option to change back to the first row to finish my work. I had to sit sideways to be able to work, and it was extremely uncomfortable. I don't understand why they couldn't have moved me back to the first row and move the non-SEN/HON sleeping members back to 5D and 5F, or at least asked them if they would mind. The plane was massively late, and I missed my followup meetings at the airport."
Плюси: "crew"
Мінуси: "food seats were not equipped with personal TV screens"
Плюси: "They made the experience enjoyable easy and I made me feel special"
Плюси: "The crew was very friendly and helpful"
Мінуси: "I am lactose intolerant and there were few non-dairy options"
Плюси: "Great service, legroom economy, on time"
Плюси: "good flight hardly any turbulence. Good food/drink choice. The crew was helpful and courteous."
Мінуси: "The flight was scheduled way, way too close for a comfortable transfer since the second leg of the trip was to go overseas having to go through 3 different queues for passport, boarding and security lines. Need more time to pass the long lines and still be able to catch the connecting flight. Not a smooth connection."
Плюси: "Flight was fine."
Мінуси: "Cancelled"
Плюси: "The polite stewards The food and drinks given for free!"
Плюси: "Great service everyone was very accommodation. Enjoy the flight and the met some very interesting people. Althoght my flight to Kiev fro Frankfurt was delayed 20 minutes, and to take a bus to another plane, it wasn't that long of a wait."
Мінуси: "Everything was great"
Плюси: "I specifically booked this flight for the 8 hr layover so I could go downtown Munchen. the Plane was 4 hrs late leaving Edinburgh!! what is there to like? nothing."
Мінуси: "regardless of the late takeoff from Edinburgh, your boarding procedures are like a 3rd world airport. the food was 1/3 of a sandwich. that's food? no entertainment on board of course. why do I pay $500 for such flights? I'll go Ryanair from now on!"
Плюси: "The flight crew were very friendly and helpful. Excellent service."
Мінуси: "The entertainment interface us slow and kludgy."
Плюси: "Again lufthansa crew one of the best out there thank you"
Мінуси: "No entertainment but I understand why short flight"
Мінуси: "flight was delayed. personal works very slow"
Плюси: "Arrived on time, crew was friendly, was pleasentelly surprised that they are serving food on such a short flights in Europe."
Мінуси: "Boarding was bad. Gates werechanget multiple times (morethan twice) had to walk back and force, back and force thtoughehole terminal B"
Плюси: "GOOD food, service was fine. Seat had good room."
Мінуси: "My seat didn't stay back (would lock) and kept me from getting much sleep. But, ultimate reason for mediocre rating was the level of turbulence. very bad - maybe not airline's fault, but still it was unpleasant."
Плюси: "on time service"
Плюси: "Airplane crew was nice and I was surprised(in a good way) by them giving to passengers sandwiches as a snack."
Мінуси: "So I actually had a flight that departures at 9:50 AM and it was connection flight after I got to Frankfurt at 9:00, but I missed it cause other gates were too far and moreover Lufthansa staff were not so nice to help me out. Actually, I was running there and got to the gates at 9:40 AM but air hostess said that I've already missed it. They said that I had enough time and that's my fault - I even should be thankful that I don't pay for another flight that I am going to be flying in 7 hours. Bottom line: I got to Kiev at 9:20 PM and moreover, the flight landed 30 mins late. It never happened to me, despite I've been more than on 25 flights. I am shocked by employee's behavior and the situation in general. Would never recommend Lufthansa airline to anyone."
Плюси: "aircraft was clean and the crew was organized and very professional"
Плюси: "Love being able to watch whatever I want on the entertainment screen. The crew was very considerate and helpful to passengers. This plane had the restrooms downstairs which really reduced congestion."
Мінуси: "The "dinner" meal was really not good. The lunch meal was OK. I remember much better food being served several years ago when I last flew Lufthansa."
Мінуси: "Customer service and seats/rows extra small"
Мінуси: "Patronizing crew"
Мінуси: "on purposely made passengers miss connecting flight and did not genuinely try to help. Everybody follows so called policy like a robot regardless the circumstance. An airline with no feeling and emotion. Arrogant and don't care about passengers."
Плюси: "He was kind."
Мінуси: "Despite the fact that I knew I would miss my connecting flight in Frankfurt because of the delay in Switzerland, the gate agent had no control to schedule me on an alternative flight. I missed my flight coming out because the connection was so tight and the Frankfurt airport so large so I tried to adjust things in Geneva to be proactive. The agent called his manager who said he couldn't do anything. As a result, I did indeed miss my flight in Frankfurt and ended up having to spend the night in Frankfurt. I got back 20 hours later than I should have, and all because Lufthansa doesn't empower their gate agents to use common sense to help their customers."
Мінуси: "At the boarding que there was a Lufthansa employee singling out carry on bags for gate check, when they would clearly fit in the overhead. She addressed me and others in a curt and arguably rude tone of voice and mannerisms. No further instruction was given for the gate check process, hence I rolled the small suitcase to the entry of the aircraft, where the Purser asked why I would wish to check the bag. When I recounted the story, he chuckled and said, bring it aboard, there is no reason to check that bag."
Мінуси: "Food"
Плюси: "Again, excellent customer service. Can't say enough."

I liked always, it is really good flight

Мінуси: "The TVs didn’t work even thought the steward ESS restarted them ."
Плюси: "Everything is good"
Мінуси: "😍"
Плюси: "The flight was very late taking off meaning I had to literally run across the airport at Krakow to make my connecting flight to London Heathrow which was over an hour late arriving at Heathrow Airport."
Плюси: "Delayed without explanation"
Плюси: "I liked the smooth boarding process"
Мінуси: "Snacks could be better and you could reduce plastic waste. I don't want to drink water from plastic cups, I don't need a napkin to my water, I don't need to receive a sweet bun packed in plastic wrap..."
Плюси: "Food was nice."
Мінуси: "2hrs delay caused major inconvenience on my schedule."
Мінуси: "Polish airline Should not be allowed to fly tomUs"
Плюси: "The service was great"
Мінуси: "Boarding was late and disorganized. The entertainment system was out of date with only a limited selection of movies - no wifi, no tv series, no live tv, no podcasts, ..."
Плюси: "Being on time, clean airplain"
Плюси: "The crew was nice and friendly."
Мінуси: "The food kinda sucks. The space in the economy so cramped. No english subtitles in any of the movies or TV programs."
Плюси: "Cheap fair to Eastern Europe. Newer movies."
Мінуси: "Crammed seats. Flight delayed, almost missed connection flight. Luggage didn’t make it to the final destination. Luggage was delivered to my hotel in 2 days, but noticed they have been opened (had tapes around my bags, the tapes were cut/altered). Some stuff was missing. Worst."
Мінуси: "flight was over 6 hours longer than planned, we did not catch plane from Budapest to Krakow so went to Warsaw than to Krakow, plane from Warsaw didn't have air conditioning working, worst flight ever !!!"
Плюси: "Seat is comfortable."
Мінуси: "It was late."
Мінуси: "Flight delayed for 5 hr"
Плюси: "I am fine with everything"
Плюси: "The food, crew, entertainment"
Мінуси: "Boarding was completely awful"
Мінуси: "Flight got cancelled in the last minute, information was scarce"
Мінуси: "LOT flight delayed 2 hours. Arrived too late for last leg home. We are out $400 and now have to buy train tickets."
Мінуси: "I didn't like, that our flight was delayed for an hour before Christmas Eve and Christmas. During this period you are waiting for everything going well. But I am happy, that it wasn't very long delay."
Плюси: "All was fine."
Мінуси: "All was fine."
Плюси: "полет был хороший, спасибо!"
Мінуси: "всё было хорошо!"
Плюси: "I liked the flight was short and not so bad but could been better in comfort and some entertainment to see"
Мінуси: "No entertainment to see and do. You have to have your own music and movies or read a book"
Плюси: "Safe flight"
Мінуси: "Employers are rude, food is not eatable seats are not comfortable ..."
Плюси: "30 minutes late on boarding. No communication for reasons"
Плюси: "The Dreamliner is new and shiny, and the bulkhead seat I happened to get had a lot of leg room."
Мінуси: "The in-flight entertainment monitor was not working half the time, apparently because of some faulty wiring in the joint that connects the monitor to the seat. And guess what, when it does not work, the reading light and passenger assistance do not work either. Morale: only get bulkhead seats if you plan to sleep through most of the flight."
Плюси: "Flawless boarding, on time, nice crew."
Мінуси: "Had to wait on the runway for ground services at destination, but for a very short time. The route is bussed at both airports."
Мінуси: "LOT was late on every flight. Did not miss any connections, but could not leave on-time if it was there only responsibility."
Плюси: "Nothing"
Мінуси: "Horrible aircraft (DeHavilland), very uncomfortable. A lot of very young children, their parents were playing some movies for them on phones and tablets. Crew didn't even react on that. Many people were just frustrated with that situation, but Crew didn't even want to discuss it. One of the worst flights ever. It was a charter level, not a regular airline. Never again."
Плюси: "Flight was smooth, stewardess we're very friendly, and accommodating."
Мінуси: "Flight was delayed (not their fault) however when we land their was no one to help with transfers or new arrangements with flights that were missed. Had to get 3rd party involved in order to get to destination."
Мінуси: "Flight was also delayed by 4 hours and terrible experience. Made for a hellish trip"
Плюси: "The landing wasgood"
Мінуси: "After the plane landed had to sit an hour in the plane cause of gate clearance . I had a connection flight I almost missed. After 9 hours travelling it was extremely stressful . The wasn working for the lady next to me ."
Плюси: "Check-in smooth. Flight attendants pleasant, professional and service-oriented."
Мінуси: "In-flight entertainment offered a very conventional set of movies from which to select."
Плюси: "They was in time what I was like"
Мінуси: "The other passengers didn’t stay at the seat they change the seats, and the seats was dirty"
Плюси: "Crew was polite and efficient."
Плюси: "Crew was friendly"
Плюси: "I could say LOT did a lot of during last years to be better. BUT, EVERY TIME I FLY , FLIGHT IS DELAYED. I called my wife to tell I be later, she told - LOT delayed ? it is normal for them. DEAR BOSS OF LOT - WHY YOU NOT CARE MY TIME & SCHEDULE ? You like my $ but do not like me !"
Мінуси: "Seems they do not care schedule, and do not want to improve"
Плюси: "Seemed good overall. Was delayed a little getting out, but pilot picked up the pace and landed on time. Only issue is the movie selection, mostly year+ old, and only polish tv shows."
Плюси: "everything was great!"
Плюси: "Great cabin crew, everything on time, love 787 Dreamliner on long flights. Good food"
Мінуси: "Slow and hectic boarding in Warsaw"
Плюси: "I had my row to myself."
Мінуси: "No problems."
Плюси: "I was boarded very professionally. I have a heart condition that requires medication. I explained this to the gate agent to request assistance in boarding and they complied with my request."
Мінуси: "LOT is not an airline that impressed me in any way. When I flew from Los Angeles to Warsaw, my bag was weighed, and I was told it was over limit. This, in spite of the fact that I weighed this bag on a calibrated scale prior to entering the airport, and my luggage was 5 pounds BELOW the limit. This seemed a blatant attempt to gain additional money from me, because I know the bag was not overweight. The food selections were average at best. Leaving Warsaw traveling to Los Angeles, we left almost an hour past our original scheduled departure do to the need to obtain additional supplies. On my next trip to Europe, I will look for alternate flight providers."
Мінуси: "I'm still on this roller coaster! Initial flight delayed 3 hrs. Missed connection in Warsaw. Got on another flight with its own connection Munich then Sofia and about to miss that connection too because this flight is also delayed for no reason. Lot app doesn't work. Customer service is horrificly slow and their phone number had me on hold for over 40 min after which dropped my call"
Плюси: "I like that I flew on a modern aircraft with good amenities."
Мінуси: "The flight was delayed 2.5 hours. Check in took longer than it has ever taken."
Мінуси: "Toilets smelled terribly"
Плюси: "New aircraft, friendly crew"
Мінуси: "Guys, 1 hour delay for short flight is too much !"
Мінуси: "40 min. Delay"
Плюси: "Not bad in general, reasonably price/quality service"
Мінуси: "I do not like when departure delayed"
Плюси: "Nothing was good."
Плюси: "Just a wonderful experience.The most comfortable plan,The most concerned and efficient crew,wonderful service.I will recommend Lot to everybody."
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Заходи безпеки авіакомпаній, які здійснюють рейси за маршрутом Швейцарія – Київ Бориспіль

Авіакомпанії, які здійснюють рейси за маршрутом Швейцарія – Київ Бориспіль, вжили додаткових заходів безпеки й оновили свої правила перевезення, щоб краще задовольняти потреби мандрівників. Ці правила можуть бути різними залежно від авіакомпанії.

Посилені гігієнічні заходи

Щоденне прибирання та встановлення HEPA-фільтрів у салоні літаків на рейсах за маршрутом Швейцарія – Київ Бориспіль

Маски обов'язкові

Захисна маска на борту є обов'язковою. Маски на рейсах за маршрутом Швейцарія – Київ Бориспіль надаються

Дотримання безпечної відстані

Місця по центру на рейсі за маршрутом Швейцарія – Київ Бориспіль забронювати не можна

Тестування перед перельотом

Тестування на антитіла та симптоми на рейсах за маршрутом Швейцарія – Київ Бориспіль

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Відсутній збір за внесення змін. Шукати авіаквитки Швейцарія – Київ Бориспіль з гнучкими умовами

Бронювання авіаквитків Швейцарія – Київ Бориспіль недорого

Актуальні пропозиції авіаквитків в обидва боки

2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
28 год. 55 хв.GVA-KBP
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
31 год. 50 хв.KBP-GVA
₴16 073
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
28 год. 55 хв.GVA-KBP
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
25 год. 35 хв.KBP-GVA
₴16 395
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
25 год. 05 хв.ZRH-KBP
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
10 год. 15 хв.KBP-ZRH
₴18 269
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
25 год. 05 хв.ZRH-KBP
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
19 год. 20 хв.KBP-ZRH
₴18 386
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
20 год. 35 хв.ZRH-KBP
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
10 год. 15 хв.KBP-ZRH
₴19 205
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
25 год. 05 хв.ZRH-KBP
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
24 год. 05 хв.KBP-ZRH
₴19 469
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
21 год. 00 хв.GVA-KBP
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
20 год. 35 хв.KBP-GVA
₴19 996
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
26 год. 30 хв.ZRH-KBP
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
24 год. 05 хв.KBP-ZRH
₴20 406
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
24 год. 55 хв.ZRH-KBP
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
28 год. 15 хв.KBP-ZRH
₴20 494
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
21 год. 00 хв.GVA-KBP
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
11 год. 40 хв.KBP-GVA
₴23 538
1 пересадкаLOT
6 год. 00 хв.ZRH-KBP
1 пересадкаLOT
16 год. 35 хв.KBP-ZRH
₴25 529
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
6 год. 00 хв.ZRH-KBP
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
19 год. 20 хв.KBP-ZRH
₴25 968
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
24 год. 55 хв.ZRH-KBP
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
25 год. 55 хв.KBP-ZRH
₴28 896
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
26 год. 30 хв.ZRH-KBP
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
7 год. 10 хв.KBP-ZRH
₴36 654

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Актуальні пропозиції авіаквитків в один бік

1 пересадкаLOT
6 год. 00 хв.GVA-KBP
₴3 923
2 пересадкиLufthansa
10 год. 50 хв.GVA-KBP
₴6 207

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