Пошук дешевих авіаквитків з Львова до Едмонтона


Пошук дешевих авіаквитків з Львова до Едмонтона

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Бронювання авіаквитків з Львова до Едмонтона: поширені запитання

Едмонтон: чи дозволений в'їзд? Чи діють наразі які-небудь обмеження для мандрівників?

Едмонтон: чи можливий в'їзд без подальшої ізоляції?

Едмонтон: чи потрібен мені негативний тест на коронавірус (Covid-19) для в'їзду?

Едмонтон: які ще обмеження, пов'язані з поширенням коронавірусу, наразі діють?

Скільки триває переліт з Львова до Едмонтона?

Якими авіакомпаніями найдешевше летіти з Львова до Едмонтона?

З якого аеропорту вилітатиме і в який прилітатиме мій рейс з Львова до Едмонтона?

Як KAYAK знаходить такі низькі ціни на авіаквитки з Львова до Едмонтона?

Навіщо потрібен "Прогноз цін" і як саме він допоможе мені знайти недорогі авіаквитки з Львова до Едмонтона на KAYAK?

Що означає KAYAK Mix у результатах пошуку рейсів з Львова до Едмонтона?

Навіщо потрібна опція KAYAK "Гнучкі дати" і як саме вона допоможе мені знайти бюджетні авіаквитки з Львова до Едмонтона?

Найкращі авіакомпанії на маршруті Міжнародний аеропорт Львів – Едмонтон

Оцінка на основі відгуків користувачів KAYAK

Turkish Airlines
Кількість відгуків: 23 183
Відгуки про авіакомпанію

Плюси: "Crew was excellent & amazing, The Seat was comfortable & have good space between the rows."
Мінуси: "only food more improvement, I know that's the effect of COVID 19 VIRUS & IT IS NOT OF THE Turkish Airlines thankfully, but thy are following the rules."

Мінуси: "Horrible food, crew wasn’t nice"

Плюси: "The food is delicious, for a short 3 hour flight, unlike other airlines which they only give u snacks like cheeze it or crackers"
Мінуси: "It would be better if there’s a mini screen for movie as well"

Плюси: "The first trip from Chicago to Istanbul they given us the first chair with bed for baby But the next trip they not"

Плюси: "it is a nice program it's wonderful for flying out good price on for totally is excellent website"

Плюси: "The plane was late for operational reasons - the team made efforts to make the delay as short as possible."
Мінуси: "The plane is really old - I could not adjust the air flow above my seat since it was broken."

Мінуси: "Food, comfort"

Плюси: "Nothing"
Мінуси: "Our first flight got delayed from lax and we missed our connection flight and they wouldn’t let us go on the next flight and instead we had to wait about 7 hours for the next flight!!! Also we got really bad seats on the other flight"

Мінуси: "Luggage handling could be a lot better. Two out of four of my bags were damaged beyond repair"

Мінуси: "Personal and service were grea!"

Плюси: "Not much. The plane didn’t fall apart? I wasn’t poisoned?"
Мінуси: "The seats barely recline, the food is heated garbage, the movie options are few and stale, the flying and landing were amateur-level and vomit-inducing, and the service is curt at best."

Плюси: "Friendly staff, good Turkish food, plenty of movie choices, etc. Overall good."
Мінуси: "Seating space just too small for tall people: elbow room and front distance (awkward eating with long arms in confined space). But This is standard for most airplanes in economy class."

Мінуси: "I got in a car accident on the way to the airport for my flight. I went in an ambulance to the ER and had a doctors note that I was safe to fly the next day. When I tried to move my ticket to the next day, with a business class ticket that cost $4000, Turkish airlines wouldn’t do it. They made me pay $3000 to get home . Unbelievable"

Плюси: "Great food"
Мінуси: "More alcohol choices"

Плюси: "I am very happy - always good service, timely and pleasant staff."
Мінуси: "n/a"

Мінуси: "Boarding took a longer time than normal"

Мінуси: "The men’s bathroom near gate 226 smelled awful and the floor was very wet. In addition, I am handicapped and my gate changed from 226 to 208. NO ONE was there to help. There was no one at all at Turkish Care. I asked two different transportation representatives at the sky club and they refused to help in any way. I merely asked them to call Turkish Airlines, and they said they didn’t have the number. I begged both of them to call someone to help me, and they just laughed and said it wasn’t part of their job. I was horrified! I almost missed my plane.!"

Плюси: "Excellent service and food. Good selection of movies. Great overall experience."
Мінуси: "Crying baby and squealing toddler."

Плюси: "Food and drinks"
Мінуси: "Business class seats can be a bit wider"

Мінуси: "Same comment as above."

Плюси: "Boarding on time. Decent food. Relatively clean aircraft"
Мінуси: "The staff was not great. An issue with a first class customers made them move around economy customers like they ' really not even people but utilities, all that for that one person. If they would have informed and talked with the other customers that would have been fine but being treated like a piece of furniture isn't nice. Plus, continuous strikes in Belgium see a joke, check-in luggages delayed for plenty of airlines. This country doesn't even know what strike mean anymore being so often..."

Мінуси: "Transfer desk in Istanbul is terrible. Poor customer service. It took 6 hours to get transferred from the airport to the hotel."

Плюси: "nothing"
Мінуси: "flight sells man were horrible. they were not helpful nor caring, and didnt help me with my problem."

Мінуси: "No AC"

Мінуси: "Connection time was 1h 50 mn coz and still didnt catch my next plan It took me 3 hours to get to the transfer desk in Turkish airline and another 3 hours to be in the hotel. I not recommend it after this bad experience"

Плюси: "I like your entertainment system, but the cushions on the headset were not the best."
Мінуси: "The boarding was not organized. I was in Group C. We were chained behind a rope. Boarding started and when the agent nearest to us didn't get a passenger quickly he started to take Group D! I did not appreciate that. This continued throughout boarding. Also, as to be expected!, as newer people joined the the lines they went to the line moving - not their Group line. So we stood behind the rope on C while everyone else was boarding. I finally jumped to the moving line. I was tired of waiting. The kosher meals were warm, but not hot. There is no reason for this. I have been flying International for over 20 years and I know what is possible. The seats - for a 10 hour flight - were uncomfortable. Either I need more padding on my rear end or you need better seats."

Плюси: "Flight left on time. Crew was friendly and was multilingual. Entertainment on our personal monitors was good."
Мінуси: "Overall it was a good flight but since I was not familiar Turkish Air, there were some glitches. Although I'm not wheelchair bound, I have great difficulty walking distances with fear of falling. I was never offered some assistance by the Houston airport or the airline at this point. The seating on the plane is difficult to maneuver for a disabled person. The flight was OK except for cramped spaces. The flight left on time and that was good considering Houston had just gone through the hurricane."

Плюси: "Boarding was easy"
Мінуси: "Food, service and very mean crew. Upon landing in Istanbul no guidance is provided about your next flight and nobody helps. Very crowded and small airport."

Плюси: "The on flight entertainment had a wide selection. The burger dinner was surprisingly good!"
Мінуси: "The egg breakfast wasn't good at all. The eggs were tough and didn't taste like real eggs."

Плюси: "At least one crew member made an effort to help."
Мінуси: "We ordered regular vegetarian food without any meat, fish or poultry. We had reserved it at least 2 weeks in advance. Again reminded them at the time of ticketing. Agent went to some one, there was some nodding of heads and we were told to tell crew member in advance. We did it in a written request to head crew. When time came other crew member served us completely ignorant of our request. We were served flash of some animal. We did not want to make a scene but people around were were also bothered. We came out hungry at the other end"

Плюси: "Staff were all amazing, meals pretty good for airline food, plenty of tv, movie and music options to stay occupied for the long trip."

Мінуси: "Short transit time. Very risky. Small seats."

Плюси: "Great"

Мінуси: "I had a problem and I was not able to fly. I bought insurance and I tried to contact them, but they denied my request and I would definitely recommend to remove this option because it doesn't give a good image of KAYAK. If I want to trust this application, I have to be confident to use the services and I service from the insurance was fake. I tried to reach the airline to cancel my ticket and they said it's not refundable. Therefore, I would definitely recommend showing refund options when selling tickets. I lost every penny I spent because I was not able to fly. I am sure that my message is delivered now!!!!"

Плюси: "Everything"

Плюси: "Good entertainment, food was satisfactory (as much as can be expected in economy class)."
Мінуси: "Boarding was significantly​ delayed (because of the laptop ban search). Seats were more narrow than usual economy. Service was very slow since they only used one attendant per cart (instead of one in the front and one in the back)."

Мінуси: "I had to scramble to buy full fare tickets on Swiss air to get to LAX so we could make our connections. I am hoping someone will contact me as this is not acceptable"

Плюси: "Plane was clean and comfortable. Crew were courteous. Hot sandwich tasted great."
Мінуси: "N/A"

Плюси: "the crew was wonderful!"
Мінуси: "the landing was bad"

Плюси: "Cost of the ticket"

Плюси: "Food and entertainment were good. Crew was pleasant and attentive. Flying in business class with them is always nice. There was a lof of leg room and nice seats that go almost fully reclining."
Мінуси: "Where to start from? Got off the plane from the flight from Barcelona to Istanbul, to connect to New York and first thing this woman insists that me and my friend should go to exit and baggage claim instead of international transfers. My friend had to get a visa at check out and all the trouble of trying to get back into the gate simply because of a STUPID AIRPORT STAFF who doesn't know what they are doing. I have had trouble before with airport staff who doesn't know what they are doing or give wrong directions. That is why will avoid flying with them to Europe."

Плюси: "The crew on the flight were very nice"
Мінуси: "As our first flight got delayed, me and 28 other pallengers flying to israel told the airline agents that we would miss our connection flightfrom turkey to israel. The supervisor assured us that we have nothing to worry about, as the second plane would wait as we are many passengers.however when we landed in turkey the connection flight had already left without us. When trying to speak to turkish airline representatives about getting a new flight, they were super UNhelpful, we waited in very long lines and were required so go to a few different parts of the airport to get a new ticket, a process that was not friendly at all and very frustrating. After about 2 hours of waiting on lines, i got a flight that required me to wait 7 hours in the airport and measley voucher for a very small fast food meal. When i asked to be admitted to the lounge (as i waited 7 hours in the airport due to the airlines mistake), they did not agree to grant me access. When i asked to at least get the wifi code from the lounge so i can tell my familly that i am stuck on turkey, this was also rejected. While waiting in the airport, i spoke to many other people on other flights who had been stuck in the airport under very simillar circumstances, some even worse than mine. I also have many friends who have experiences simillar experiences with turkish airlines. If you are looking for a reliable flight, that will get you to your destination on time and will help you out when a problem occurs, Turkish airlines is deffinetelly NOT the flight for you. I personally will never fly with them again after the way i was treated."

Плюси: "Everything was great. Would never fly another airline if Turkish was available."
Мінуси: "You must hear this all the time. An eleven hour flight is torture. Maybe a little more padding in the seat cushions. Still, You Are GREAT"

Плюси: "Food was excellent. Service was awesome."
Мінуси: "Nothing."

Плюси: "Everything was perfect during the flight."

Плюси: "Food and in flight service"
Мінуси: "Flight boarded late, boarding process was chaos, and we took off two hours late. This in turn made us miss our connecting flight. We had to spend the night in Istanbul, forfeiting our luxury hotel in Venice. They wouldn't let us get our bags in Istanbul so we were unable to get toiletries or change of clothes. I will be seeking reimbursement for Venice hotel, Istanbul recruited visas, and travel inconvenience."

Плюси: "Food was excellent. Vegetarian meal remembered. Service was good, pleasant crew. Good selection of films."
Мінуси: "Seats could be more comfortable. Headphones are really not very good quality. Touch screen difficult to use (not very responsive to touch)."

Плюси: "three seats for myself no security check between flights"
Мінуси: "interruption of sleep because of meals -serving earlier dinner and later snack would have been more restful"

Плюси: "Great entertainment system. Comfortable seats."
Мінуси: "Nothing."

Плюси: "Service was very good"

Плюси: "No wifi or any entertainment. Flight delays and lost baggage!"
Мінуси: "No wifi or any entertainment. Flight delays and lost baggage!"

Плюси: "In The Austria my flight was terrible couse the official people didn’t help me I was with my baby I needed help for stroller for suitcase or something else just the guys watched me with they sad face , they didn’t was nice with me !!!"
Мінуси: "I don’t know I was nervous in Austria just I need to tell you for Washington it was the nice trip to Washington from Washington I had just better thiothere"

Плюси: "crew was great ,seats was better than good"
Мінуси: "nothing"

Плюси: "The flight attendants where good and welcoming"
Мінуси: "Seats are not comfortable and there us not enough seats space (to narrow to tight), no entertainment system at all, no power outlets to charge phone / tablet etc. it’s almost 2020, airplanes must include those elements as standard."

Плюси: "The crew was amazing, the seat was comfortable"

Плюси: "Excellent crew, delicious Austrian wine, only a short flight so only some nibbles to eat which was fine."
Мінуси: "Seat wasn't the best, quite hard on the middle back."

Плюси: "Clean and new planes. On time."
Мінуси: "On the transatlantic flight the crew was unattractive and somewhat rude. They skipped our entire row serving morning refreshments and then complained and tried to shame us all for calling them back. Food quality was on par with Alegent Airlines. We even got charged for one piece of checked luggage 46lb on a international flight. That was a first!!!"

Мінуси: "na"

Плюси: "It got me where I wanted to go, non-stop, for a reasonable price."
Мінуси: "The economy seats seem to be narrower than they are on other airlines."

Плюси: "The attendants on Austrian air are all very nice and helpful. You can make any request of them or ask any question and they are happy to help. Great customer service. Arrived on time. Also, very good entertainment options!"
Мінуси: "The seats are very uncomfortable on Austrian air. The only way I would fly them again would be if I had extra money for the exit rows with more leg room. Food isn't great, but no airline food is really great. Boarding was significantly delayed from what it said on the boarding pass, with no updates. But we arrived on time. Getting luggage after flight at Dulles took a really long time, but I think that is more of an airport issue as getting my luggage from another Austrian airlines flight to another airport was a breeze."

Плюси: "I get Airpoints with the flight, crew were lovely."
Мінуси: "Flight was overbooked, so a few delays (as they were asking if anyone would layover to release a seat) and they were being very strict on the one bag per traveller, but that’s fair enough considering it was busy."

Плюси: "Seats more comfortable."
Мінуси: "Flight left late. Unboarding took a long time. Didn't hold connecting flight, missed it. Now on 5 hr wait and may miss airport transit."

Мінуси: "Lufthansa’s/Austrian Airlines’s idea of a ‘snack’ is a pathetic little bag of sugar and chemicals that no one should have to be offered, even if it comes for free. Hugely disappointed. Flight attendants not attentive enough."

Мінуси: "KAYAK or Austrian cancelled my ticket. KAYAK officials didn’t show any readiness to do anything about a ticket that was purchased and paid for. KAYAK system is still sending me questions how was my trip! Ironically? Additionally, I had to book another ticket to get close to my destination, book a midnight Taxi to another country."

Плюси: "the flight missed my connection and they were AWESOME in handling it, getting me on a Swiss Air flight. That flight also missed its connection and Swiss Air took great care to put me up in a hotel. They made a frustrating situation so much smoother!"

Мінуси: "THey denied me and I lost all tickets including back trips as well. Nobody helped me to change tickets, they just care about money and reselling my tickets to other passengers."

Плюси: "new plane, half empty, good and friendly service"

Мінуси: "food"

Плюси: "I watched three good movies during the flight to London. I enjoyed them."
Мінуси: "Nothing particular."

Плюси: "Safety, timeliness, friendliness of staff"
Мінуси: "Entertainment is outdated"

Плюси: "Great flight. Was long but made nice by staff/crew and entertainment options."

Плюси: "Personal entertainment screens, average choice of movies."
Мінуси: "2.5 hrs late departure with little information meantime, almost missed our connection. our luggage did not arrive with us. Poor food, almost no service during flight."

Плюси: "I had double seat all to myself so that was nice."
Мінуси: "The flight was delayed by 2hrs because of the strike - very annoying. The food was average for the plane foodn but the desert was excellent"

Плюси: "Organized orderly boarding. Food was snack only. Flight crew was pleasant and helpful"

Плюси: "crew"

Плюси: "Great experience, friendly crew!"

Плюси: "The direct flight' and the comfortable seat"

Плюси: "Boarding time and arrival were both on time. Service is courteous, and the lounge very pleasant."

Мінуси: "Food I think getting worse."

Мінуси: "Both flights were delayed. Food selection was poor."

Плюси: "Efficient crew, good meals,on time arrival."
Мінуси: "Took a while to board and could use more updated films-minor details."

Плюси: "Staff, seats (exit)"
Мінуси: "No screen,no entertainment, the food was very bad even for airlines food, for a 4 hours flight cancel the food and make a cheaper flight."

Плюси: "Good service"

Плюси: "the stewardess gave me coffee even if she already passed by me (because I was sleeping) I appreciated that :)"

Плюси: "Amazing crew, very good food and coffee. Extremely happy with the Austrian Airlines. From now on I will try to fly mainly with this company. Thank you to all crew members of flight 087 from Vienna to New York on Sunday, 29 May 2017."

Мінуси: "N/a"

Плюси: "Everything was fine - short flight"

Плюси: "Excellent crew and service!"

Плюси: "The plane itself was ok, the food also was ok."
Мінуси: "As usual, boarding in Miami airport is awful which is not exactly coming from austrian airlines, but they also took part in the unpleasant experience. The announcements were badly articulated, the boarding time was delayed and so on. Onboard, part of the crew completely refused to speak english."

Плюси: "Quick boarding and exit off the plane"
Мінуси: "No little foot rest , no blanket in the winter"

Плюси: "Staff was pleasant and competent"
Мінуси: "Food was way too salty. That needs to be addressed by airlines. Not a healthy or palatable experience."

Мінуси: "Flight was very delayed leaving Sofia which made connecting flights for many people a rush and very stressful. People were pulled to the front of the plane and told to rush to catch their flights. My bag didn't make my connecting flight but Austrian delivered it 2 days later."

Мінуси: "if you sit in the rear part of the aircraft no menu no food options for you they give you what have left."

Мінуси: "I could not pay for check-in baggages when I bough 4 tickets for 4 passengers. So I called the airline customer service, and they told me that the first check-in baggage is free. However, when we boarded the airplane on 9/5/2016, we were charged 30 Euros for each bag, a total of 120 Euros for 4 checked in bags of 4 passengers. This is unfair, and I would like it to be corrected if possible. Thanks."

Плюси: "The seats were comfortable and the crew attentive. The movie selection was excellent and the entertainment system was excellent. The food was typical for what you get on transatlantic flights in economy."
Мінуси: "At the gate the boarding processes was very slow because there was only a single person checking the passports and the boarding passes of all passengers. Surprisingly, this airline also could not provide a plastic bag for our checked in child seat, which is standard on other airlines."

Плюси: "Plane was on time, boarding was fast and easy, great crew"
Мінуси: "Food was terrible"

Плюси: "everything on time, good selection of movies"
Мінуси: "the food....pretty bad"

Мінуси: "It was advertised as Austrian Airlines but when the details came through afterwards only then did it state that it was a United Airlines flight. So, I can't rate this flight because it had nothing to do with Austrian Airlines. You need to update your site so that it clearly states "Operated by..." when people are booking."

Плюси: "The meal and drink service was quite good. The stewards/stewardesses were very attentive and kind."
Мінуси: "There is not enough leg room. There is even less room if the person in front of one's seat has the seat reclined. The seats barely recline at all, so sleep is impossible. Sleep would be possible if there were enough room to rest one's head on the tray in front of the seat. This is impossible if the person in front of one's seat has reclined his or her seat. Thus, sleep is totally impossible on this aircraft. The sinks in the bathrooms also need to be deeper and need to drain more quickly."

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Turkish Airlines
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Turkish Airlines
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Austrian Airlines
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Austrian Airlines
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