Пошук дешевих авіаквитків з Києва до Тромсе


Пошук дешевих авіаквитків з Києва до Тромсе

Шукайте авіаквитки до Тромсе відразу на сотнях туристичних сайтів. Забронюйте одночасно рейс і готель та заощадьте!

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Тромсе: введено обмеження на в'їзд Дізнатися більше
Отримуйте інформацію про зняття або змінення обмежень на в'їзд за напрямком Тромсе у свою електронну скриньку.

Корисна інформація

Низький сезон

вересеньНайкращий час, щоб уникнути натовпу, – ціни у середньому нижчі на 48%.

Високий сезон

липеньНайпопулярніший час для перельоту – ціни у середньому вищі на 23%.

Середня ціна (в обидва боки)

₴9 455(середня ціна за останні 2 тижні)

Вигідна ціна (в обидва боки)

₴6 963або менше

Вигідна ціна (в один бік)

₴5 447або менше

Коли найвигідніше бронювати авіаквитки з Києва до Тромсе

Попередня ціна за переліт в обидві сторони
Середня ціна за місяць

Як знайти дешеві авіаквитки — поради

  • Шукаєте недорогі авіаквитки? 25% наших користувачів забронювали квиток за цим маршрутом за ₴5 447 в один бік і ₴6 963 за переліт туди й назад (або дешевше).
  • Високим сезоном вважаються червень, липень та серпень. Найвигідніший місяць для перельоту – вересень.

Бронювання авіаквитків з Києва до Тромсе: поширені запитання

Тромсе: чи дозволений в'їзд? Чи діють наразі які-небудь обмеження для мандрівників?

Тромсе: чи можливий в'їзд без подальшої ізоляції?

Тромсе: чи потрібен мені негативний тест на коронавірус (Covid-19) для в'їзду?

Тромсе: чи дозволений в'їзд для вакцинованих мандрівників?

Тромсе: які ще обмеження, пов'язані з поширенням коронавірусу, наразі діють?

Скільки триває переліт з Києва до Тромсе?

Якими авіакомпаніями найдешевше летіти з Києва до Тромсе?

З якого аеропорту вилітатиме і в який прилітатиме мій рейс з Києва до Тромсе?

Як KAYAK знаходить такі низькі ціни на авіаквитки з Києва до Тромсе?

Навіщо потрібен "Прогноз цін" і як саме він допоможе мені знайти недорогі авіаквитки з Києва до Тромсе на KAYAK?

Що означає KAYAK Mix у результатах пошуку рейсів з Києва до Тромсе?

Навіщо потрібна опція KAYAK "Гнучкі дати" і як саме вона допоможе мені знайти бюджетні авіаквитки з Києва до Тромсе?

Найкраща авіакомпанія на маршруті Міжнародний аеропорт «Київ» – Тромсе Тромсо Лангнес

Оцінка на основі відгуків користувачів KAYAK

Кількість відгуків: 5 294
Відгуки про авіакомпанію

Мінуси: "The fly attendant can be nicer"

Плюси: "crew was good"
Мінуси: "crazy detailed search in goleniów"

Плюси: "All except food"
Мінуси: "Food"

Плюси: "Crew was helpful - hung my jacket up in the wardrobe so it doesn’t get wrinkled. Boarding and luggage arrival were very quick - good service by LOT."

Плюси: "Nice crew and smooth landing"
Мінуси: "The flight was delayed"

Плюси: "Seats were comfortable"
Мінуси: "Rude crew,delays all the time"

Плюси: "I WILL NEVER use LOT!"
Мінуси: "The crew is very lazy and slow. Boarding was a mess. These guys could barely speak and understand simple English (poor background) though it's an international flight.The food was also terrible. My luggage was lost and in 1 week was found all smashed and crashed and dirty. I WILL NEVER use LOT!"

Плюси: "One stop flight, faster than a boat."
Мінуси: "Lost luggage, delayed our plans for 3 days(all luggage was lost!!!)"

Плюси: "Nothing to like in this Lufthansa flight."
Мінуси: "Boarding was delayed by 40 minutes. Flight delayed by almost an hour. And after departure crew informed us that they has some issues with catering and they will not provide with a regular service. Even tee was not available (they offerred juice, coke). They gave sandwich in a business class!"

Плюси: "The crew was fine and polite, the plane made on time despite 40min delays on the tarmac"
Мінуси: "going through Warsaw border control took forever, long lines, bad set up for transit passengers."

Плюси: "Everything went good."
Мінуси: "Movie or general didn't provide closed caption or subtitle for an English language."

Плюси: "The flight crew!"
Мінуси: "Missed my original flight, it actually left 10 minutes early! Came late from NYC and had no info or assistance on that flight at all!"

Плюси: "How quickly they boarded the flight"
Мінуси: "Not having flight delays"

Плюси: "Very well organized airport, very easy to get to the gate for transfer."

Мінуси: "food"

Мінуси: "Worst experience in all aspects I ever had. Starting with problems with carry-on luggage. Late boarding without even explanation. Stiuardesės ignorance during flight. Open racism on plane and Warsaw airport from crew."

Плюси: "The flight to Chicago was ok, but the crew (how the flight tender behaved) was at some points ridiculous"
Мінуси: "Poor behavior of the flight tender, no humility, poor respect, disgraceful... also the seats in the toilet are defective (all of the passengers noticed this) - the plastic covers when you lift them (open) do not keep vertical position, they always fall down what is very annoying (how can you use the toilet if the cover is falling on your back all of the time?)"

Плюси: "The staff were friendly and warm. They did what they could with all they had. I was financially compensated for being put on standby because of over sold tickets resulting in my return flight being changed to the next day."
Мінуси: "On my flight there my built in tablet didn’t work so I didn’t have any entertainment for a long flight. My return flight was put on standby and I had to leave the next day instead. Stressful"

Плюси: "New airplane."
Мінуси: "100% full"

Плюси: "Food/drink options"
Мінуси: "Customer service"

Плюси: "Everything was OK exept few things"
Мінуси: "When plane from Vilnius to Warsaw landed, passengers had to wait for 20 min. inside a plane for a bus. When bus arrived I had only 20 min. remaining till my connecting flight to Toronto.I managed to run to the right gate in time. But when I asked LOT employees to insure that my luggage is on a plane to Toronto too, I received arrogant answer that I have nothing to worry about... In Toronto I found out that there was no my luggage on the plane..."

Плюси: "All stuff members spoke good English."
Мінуси: "I was in the business class. Food was too salti Cabin stuff were clumsy Plates and glasses fell of their hands on the pasengers Many times dueing the flights. Chairs wrre stuck and a stuff member need to come every time i needed to change position."

Плюси: "Flight attendants were very kind and pleasant. Meal service and entertainment were more substantial than expected."
Мінуси: "Extreme delay supposedly as a result of a lightning strike to the plane. About 9 hours delay and a missed connection. The only compensation given for this dealy was a voucher for a 20 Euro meal at the airport restaurant of my choice. I know planes get hit by lightning on average of once a year, but it typically does not take 3 to 4 hours to inspect and confirm the safety of the plane's electrical system. But perhaps better safe than sorrry!"

Мінуси: "Food and not enough entertainment"

Плюси: "We made it there and the staff in Warsaw were very helpful."
Мінуси: "The staff in Paris were late rude and overall not helpful. The plane was delayed an hour we have no idea why. The plane was very old and the crew serving from Paris to Warsaw were not helpful."

Плюси: "Amazing crew. Very professional and nice. Clean plane. Quality food. Great service."

Плюси: "Great flight lots of leg room"

Мінуси: "Boarding started on time yet we took off an hour late"

Плюси: "Service and overall experience"
Мінуси: "Media system was not working correctly"

Плюси: "Shortness of that flight"
Мінуси: "I don’t remember"

Плюси: "getting snack & drinks without charge"

Мінуси: "My bag didn't arrive in Warsaw. I asked the LOT representative at JFK to verify that my bag was on the flight between NYC and Warsaw. She said that it was, but it wasn't there when I arrived"

Мінуси: "Departure late about 4 hrs, little information along the way. More waiting at arrival for gate to open up due to late arrival. Seats are not comfortable."

Плюси: "I like that I flew on a modern aircraft with good amenities."
Мінуси: "The flight was delayed 2.5 hours. Check in took longer than it has ever taken."

Плюси: "food prices, all on time"
Мінуси: "entertainment"

Мінуси: "Cheap airline that is priced like a major airline. They charge for checked in luggage on flights between different EU countries. Major airlines don't do that, so check the fine print before purchasing."

Мінуси: "Toilets smelled terribly"

Плюси: "The actual flight was fine. The food was decent. The entertainment selection was good. The flight attendants were pleasant. We got plenty to eat and drink."
Мінуси: "We found out in Poland that my wife was missing an eTA number necessary for her to fly into Canada. With our previous flight delayed, the application did not process in time, and we missed our connecting flight. As a result, we were stuck in Poland for 24 hours, leading to lost sleep, added expense, and much frustration. Customer service in Poland was helpful but extremely slow. Many customers needed help and it took about an hour for each customer. We waited in line for hours. We were not charged for a new flight, but we did spend 10 exhausting hours in the airport before we had everything resolved and were able to leave and get a few hours of sleep."

Плюси: "The actual flight was fine. Smooth flight. Nothing out of the ordinary."
Мінуси: "The flight was delayed an hour. The crew in the Kiev airport wouldn't allow check-ins for a long period of time. Many people stood in a long line for at least an hour with no information about why they couldn't check in. When we did check in, they couldn't print my wife's boarding pass for the next flight and told us that we would have to print it at the gate. We found out in Poland that she was missing an eTA number necessary for her to fly into Canada. With the flight delay and lack of information, the application did not process in time, and we missed our connecting flight. As a result, we were stuck in Poland for 24 hours, leading to lost sleep, added expense, and much frustration."

Плюси: "Crew was very nice and helpful."
Мінуси: "It was very stuffy and warm on the plane."

Плюси: "On time and a comfortable flight."
Мінуси: "Nothing"

Мінуси: "I paid extra for my seat, but it was uncomfortable from LAX to Warsaw - too tight and cramped that the cabin was hot through most of the trip. Crew was okay, but for such a long trip, I would expect more comfort than what I get on short one-hour trips on small planes here in the US."

Мінуси: "The seats are squeezed, no space for normal legs. you have to wait a long time for a glass of water. I AM NOT FLYING WITH THEM ANY MORE"

Плюси: "I liked that I had an open seat beside me, but it was taken by someone else who didnt like their seat almost immediately."
Мінуси: "Stewardesses pretended I was not there. Seats were minute. My video/movie player did not work (the only one not working on the plane so movies were out). Had people with way too much baggage next to me. Overall flight was terrible, although my flight home with LOT was very good."

Плюси: "Spacious leg room"
Мінуси: "No head support & no back tilting of seats"

Плюси: "LAX - Warshaw rotation looks underutilized, so should be easier to find cheap biz fare or get an upgrade. The 787 is a spacious plane up front, but LOT uses the traditional 2-2-2 layout with no direct aisle access from window. Also means you're still sleeping close and next to a total stranger. I don't know, I've so gotten used to Delta's biz layout with their direct aisle access and no touch points to a fellow traveller, I don't think I can look at anything more traditional as not a compromise and downgrade."

Плюси: "Older aircraft had not as narrow seating and was more comfortable."
Мінуси: "Boarding que at Warsaw is a mess."

Плюси: "The aircraft in general was newer and all the screens were working and clear."
Мінуси: "The lowest volume was almost too loud for comfort on the entertainment system for headphones. The seat has no cushion left."

Плюси: "I love flying on the Embraer jets. Very comfortable. Flight was punctual, crew were friendly and helpful. Cabin had a good atmosphere. Warsaw Airport is a great airport to transit through."
Мінуси: "The meal service is a bit inconvenient. First round, they sell food. Second round, they give out complementary drinks (tea, coffee, water, no juice or soft drink). Third round, they give out a complimentary snack. It takes ages (more than half way through the flight) for free snack to come around! I would rather eat my bar before getting my drink. If you could reverse the order I think it would work better. That is, give out the free snack, then the free drink, and then lastly sell drinks and snacks to those still hungry."

Докладніше про LOT
Інформація щодо COVID-19

Заходи безпеки авіакомпаній, які здійснюють рейси з Києва до Тромсе

Авіакомпанії, які здійснюють рейси з Києва до Тромсе, вжили додаткових заходів безпеки й оновили свої правила перевезення, щоб краще задовольняти потреби мандрівників. Ці правила можуть бути різними залежно від авіакомпанії.

Посилені гігієнічні заходи

Щоденне прибирання та встановлення HEPA-фільтрів у салоні літаків на рейсах з Києва до Тромсе

Маски обов'язкові

Захисна маска на борту є обов'язковою. Маски на рейсах з Києва до Тромсе надаються

Дотримання безпечної відстані

Місця по центру на рейсі з Києва до Тромсе забронювати не можна

Тестування перед перельотом

Тестування на антитіла та симптоми на рейсах з Києва до Тромсе

Бронювання авіаквитків Київ – Тромсе недорого

Актуальні пропозиції авіаквитків в обидва боки

2 пересадки
8 год. 20 хв.
2 пересадки
17 год. 55 хв.
2 пересадки
8 год. 40 хв.
2 пересадки
16 год. 00 хв.

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