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₴4 545
Найкращий час, щоб уникнути натовпу, – ціни у середньому нижчі на 77%.
Найпопулярніший час для перельоту – ціни у середньому вищі на 45%.
Переліт Кельн/Бонн — Київ Бориспіль
(середня ціна за останні 2 тижні)

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  • Авіаквитки Кельн – Київ Бориспіль у середньому вигідніше купувати за 69 дн. до вильоту.
  • Щоб купити квиток дешевше, бронюйте мінімум за 4 тиж. до вильоту.
  • Високим сезоном вважаються жовтень, листопад та грудень. Найвигідніший місяць для перельоту – вересень.

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Найкраща авіакомпанія на маршруті Кельн/Бонн – Київ Бориспіль

Оцінка на основі відгуків користувачів KAYAK
Turkish AirlinesКількість відгуків: 23942
Відгуки про авіакомпанію

Better service, can be further improved by anticipating customer needs.

Докладніше про Turkish Airlines

Better service, can be further improved by anticipating customer needs.

Плюси: "Food and entertainment"
Мінуси: "I missed it"
Плюси: "Fligh on time."
Мінуси: "The food on board."
Мінуси: "Hotel for passengers"
Плюси: "crew was great, food was delicious, seats were comfortable."
Мінуси: "updated movie library, better handling of boarding for priority customers."
Плюси: "left on the, arrived on time, crew were friendly and efficient, seat was comfortable"
Мінуси: "Food was a bit basic and in-flight entertainment was a bit limited, but on a 2 hour flight not a major problem"
Плюси: "It is always better when this flight is operated by wide body aircraft, as was the case with A330 this time"
Плюси: "Customer service was excellent and food was restaurant grade!"
Мінуси: "Nothing comes to my minds"
Плюси: "I did not use any entertainment so I cannot review it. Overall a most pleasant experience. Will highly recommend."
Мінуси: "The toilets and bathrooms in the Ataturk airport."
Плюси: "Healthy food options. Clean decent seats."
Мінуси: "The airport experience. UNSANITARY TOILETS. Worst than any 3rd world"
Плюси: "Nothing"
Мінуси: "4 hour delay. Sitting on the runway with little communication from captain. Clueless flight attendants. We knew we would miss our connection and no one cared to help."
Плюси: "One sign had row 27> The other sign had 28 >"
Мінуси: "Mass confusion resulting in slow boarding."
Мінуси: "Had to stay overnight in the lounge zone. Hotel inside the airport wasn’t available. Outside you have to spend sometime at the multiple lines, buy visa, get the voucher, take the shuttle bus... By the time you done with that, it’s time to come back. Didn’t expect that for the business class ticket holders."
Мінуси: "The AC wasn’t turned on for 2 hours of passengers being on the plane and it was easily 100 degrees inside. Everyone was hot and miserable. The seats were also extremely close together. I have never been so uncomfortable on a long haul flight."
Мінуси: "I picked a window seat very early on through a phone call to a Turkish Airline agent in the USA, but when I checked in online, the seat assigned to me was gone and I was put in a middle seat while there were many other seats available. This erasure of the record and random seat assignment nullify the effort on the part of the passenger (making a call is not a trivial act these days because of the long waits) and generate uncertainty in the minds of the travellers. Hope you can improve on this point. That will make an even better impression on the passengers."
Плюси: "Inflight service was good."
Мінуси: "Seat was a little uncomfy"
Мінуси: "Boarding was very annoying because when you go through security they make you feel like a total criminal for no reason. Checking our laptops as if we have something to hide. We already went through 3 security checks prior to boarding the flight. Security staff was extremely rude and inconsiderate for peoples belongings."
Мінуси: "My husband's passport expires in March of 2018, 4 months from travel dates and we weren't allowed to travel because it has to be 6 months. We booked our tickets in August of 2017, Turkish Airlines could've told us this. During booking, they ask for passport expiry date, what's the point if you're not going to tell us in advance and wait till our travel date to tell us this information. We couldn't travel on our vacation as planned and we were charged an additional $3,000 to change our tickets."
Плюси: "Everything"
Плюси: "Confort"
Мінуси: "Took them too long to pick up the trash ..."
Плюси: "I"
Мінуси: "Many liked the food. It just wasn't to my taste!"
Плюси: "Courteous staff. Comfortable plane."
Мінуси: "My transfer flight was physically impossible to make. Though my flight from Zagreb to Istanbul was on time, by the time I got into the terminal they were already making a final boarding call to my flight to JFK."
Плюси: "again crue was best"
Мінуси: "boarding gate was Mile away , you need Taxi to get there, whats wrong"
Мінуси: "bus service to the plane"
Плюси: "It was the best Lounge in the world. Everyone was so nice--no attitude. Great variety of food. Also I had to use wheelchair servise. Soooooooooooo nice. The attendants on flight were so caring & loving even if our business class was filled to a capacity."
Плюси: "Same as my Los Angeles flight, my Athens flight and my Beirut flight Extremely pleasant"
Плюси: "I had a most pleasant experience flying from New York, NY to Kiev, Ukraine. Everything about the service was just right. Thank you for your kindness and attention to detail. From now on I will only fly Turkish Airlines when going to Kiev."
Плюси: "The flight attendants were incredibly kind and attentive"
Мінуси: "Bathrooms were a mess. Badly need more cleaning throughout flight"
Плюси: "Short flight with no issues."
Мінуси: "No problems--everything average."
Мінуси: "Everything was high level"
Мінуси: "Toward the end of the flight it was very hot. I didn't like that there were no AC controls at your seat"
Плюси: "more leg room. comfortable seats. polite and friendly crew."
Плюси: "Plane was clean and comfortable. Crew were courteous. Hot sandwich tasted great."
Мінуси: "N/A"
Плюси: "Limitations to 20 kg when travelling"
Плюси: "Impressive design of the cabin, especially the extra large WC. Wonderful staff. Food was exceptional and plentiful."
Мінуси: "Need a bit more leg room in economy. The seat width and cushion was excellent, but when the person in front of me reclined, I could barely get out of my seat."
Плюси: "surpassed our expectation"
Плюси: "Duration of the flight is good."
Плюси: "A lot of media content"
Мінуси: "driving to the plain by bus"
Мінуси: "One of our suitcases was lost. Well, fine, it happened. From Kyiv we went to Georgia for a week. In one or two days we received a text to come get it in the Batumi airport. We came there - nothing. Then next text - come get it in two days. When it finally arrived - it was torn. I don't know who to blame in the first wrong text, I don't know why and how the suitcase was lost, I don't know who torn it, but in general it was all very wrong and inefficient."
Плюси: "Food"
Мінуси: "Boarding and airplane age."
Мінуси: "The aircraft wasn't properly cleaned prior. The seat pocket was filled with garbage."
Плюси: "Arrived on time even though it was late departing."
Мінуси: "Crew never informed us why they were late departing. Boarding the airplane was problematic."
Плюси: "Turkish delight and endless beverage service :)"
Плюси: "basically the entertainment was the only positive part of the experience and the mac and cheese was ok"
Мінуси: "The airline apparently switched us to an earlier flight however we had received NOT A SINGLE email telling us that our flight had been moved. We had continued to receive emails for our original flight which still existed. Have no idea why they would move us in the first place and not tell us. We had to go through the hassle of getting switched back to our earlier flight which took an additional hour of dealing with people. This mimics our experience flying from Dalaman to Istanbul when our flight was canceled and we received no notification. They told us it was too early to receive a notification (we were there 12 hours in advance). However, had we arrived within the suggested window and found out it was canceled we never would have been able to reschedule to a connecting flight that still got us to Madrid in time.When checking our bags, the clerk tried to tell us that a backpack and small purse were too big to count as personal items even though they had been fine on ALL of our previous flights. I pointed out that individuals in other lines had larger backpacks that were being counted and he finally acquiesced but with a lot of attitude. The plane was then an hour late. The sign for boarding continued to tell us it was on time up until 45 minutes AFTER we were supposed to have boarded when it finally updated and said 'delayed'. The crew stood around laughing and providing zero updates as we all worried about whether or not we would make our connecting flights. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE OVERALL"
Мінуси: "boarding was horrible of both legs of my Turkish Airline. The Istanbul Airport is a total disaster and dysfunctional. Experience delays in both baggage and flights."
Плюси: "Everything about the process was easy. We were updated throughout via email of our gate and baggage claim number. I was also very impressed with Turkish Airlines. We had a great experience."
Мінуси: "I liked it all"
Плюси: "Flight on time and smooth. Crew was nice."
Мінуси: "Have food allergies and could not eat much of lunch."
Плюси: "Great crew service and food. Great entertainment features."
Мінуси: "Wish services in Istanbul airport was better. Had to take a bus to the terminal and transfer directions and gate services was confusing and not very good. But this is not the airlines fault."

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1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
13 год. 55 хв.CGN-KBP
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
17 год. 00 хв.KBP-CGN
₴16 894
1 пересадкаTurkish Airlines
20 год. 15 хв.CGN-KBP
1 пересадкаTurkish Airlines
8 год. 25 хв.KBP-CGN
₴17 625
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
7 год. 40 хв.CGN-KBP
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
18 год. 40 хв.KBP-CGN
₴73 975

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