Пошук дешевих авіаквитків з Києва до Генуї


Пошук дешевих авіаквитків з Києва до Генуї

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Корисна інформація

Низький сезон

березеньНайкращий час, щоб уникнути натовпу, – ціни у середньому нижчі на 25%.

Високий сезон

груденьНайпопулярніший час для перельоту – ціни у середньому вищі на 26%.

Середня ціна (в обидва боки)

₴7 622(середня ціна за останні 2 тижні)

Коли найвигідніше бронювати авіаквитки з Києва до Генуї

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Як знайти дешеві авіаквитки — поради

  • Високим сезоном вважаються листопад, грудень та січень. Найвигідніший місяць для перельоту – березень.

Бронювання авіаквитків з Києва до Генуї: поширені запитання

Як KAYAK знаходить такі низькі ціни на авіаквитки з Києва до Генуї?

Навіщо потрібен "Прогноз цін" і як саме він допоможе мені знайти недорогі авіаквитки з Києва до Генуї на KAYAK?

Що означає KAYAK Mix у результатах пошуку рейсів з Києва до Генуї?

Навіщо потрібна опція KAYAK "Гнучкі дати" і як саме вона допоможе мені знайти бюджетні авіаквитки з Києва до Генуї?

Найкраща авіакомпанія на маршруті Київ – Генуя Міжнародний аеропорт імені Христофора Колумба

Оцінка на основі відгуків користувачів KAYAK

Кількість відгуків: 3 683
Відгуки про авіакомпанію

Мінуси: "Free wifi"

Плюси: "The crew was very kind"

Мінуси: "All of the less than good, obvious!"

Плюси: "The crew tried to be helpful but were equally frustrated with the ground crew."
Мінуси: "Follow your own policies. Allow people to board (economy plus) with their hand luggage who have followed all the rules and chosen a seat in the front of the plane. My daughter and my KLM approved baggage were taken by the boarding crew while allowing other passengers to go with more than allowed"

Плюси: "Flight arrived on time"
Мінуси: "No food provided "due to a strike the previous day". Not sure why this would impact on providing a sandwich or snack particularly when champagne was still available for first class passengers."

Плюси: "Newer plane, crew was amazing, seats were adjustable"

Плюси: "Yes"
Мінуси: "Everything was good"

Мінуси: "The KLM crew are always great serving and treating you. Well above many other airlines."

Плюси: "Just as I expected. And I made my last connection easily."

Плюси: "Food and service"
Мінуси: "Working wifi would be good. Better A/C. More comfortable seats"

Мінуси: "There was no wifi on flight"

Плюси: "Crew was ok."
Мінуси: "Screens need a serious upgrade, my seat didn’t recline all the way nor could it be restored to an upright position. Not very comfortable and I paid for a seat upgrade."

Плюси: "Nothing!"
Мінуси: "We were told they were holding our flight, we ran 3 terminals and they’d already left."

Мінуси: "Lost a single baggage item, a car seat. Critical for us to leave the airport, and delayed us for over an hour upon arrival. Gave us a loaner car seat that barely fit our child."

Плюси: "Crew were friendly and helpful. Moved me up front in the plane so I could make my connection."
Мінуси: "Not having to walk outside in Edinbur4gh to board the flight."

Плюси: "Food provided, staff kind"
Мінуси: "Was several hours delayed and check in took 45 minutes because they somehow lost my reservation."

Плюси: "On time and friendly crew"
Мінуси: "Boarding needs improvement"

Мінуси: "No reading light in my seat..."

Мінуси: "My suitcase didn't come with the airline."

Плюси: "Friendly hostesses"
Мінуси: "Flight was delayed 3 hours"

Мінуси: "Flight was delayed, landing at vce took an additional 10 minutes due to no one at the jet way. Luggage service was very slow"

Плюси: "Flying with KLM is a pleasure"

Плюси: "The flight was perfect! Great food,movies and I even got to sleep !"
Мінуси: "All was well!"

Плюси: "Good flight, arriving well on time."

Плюси: "Seats were comfortable and there was enough room for hand baggage. I slept during the flight so do not have opinion on entertainment."
Мінуси: "Not able to charge my digital devices. When serving beverages and food, the same flight attendant missed me a few times. That was annoying but other attendants were very nice."

Мінуси: "Nothing good to say about this flight. The plane was old with no entertainment. The sits where very compact and not comfortable at all. The food was a sweet bread and water. The flight attendants were rushing and will take a while if you needed anything. I felt like I was taking a bus with graffiti all over the place."

Плюси: "We were fed a nice pasta meal and offered drinks twice. They also gave a muffin for desert. The flight attendants were very nice and attentive with cheerful smiles. I wish every airline had service this good!"

Плюси: "The aircraft felt clean and quite spacious (decent legroom). Cabin crew was friendly and everything went as expected. Bonus points for the Beemster cheese sandwich (I was totally disappointed when they served the food, but more than pleasantly surprised by the quality of the cheese - I even bought some afterwards, from the Albert Heijn just outside the security area)."
Мінуси: "Very odd queue separation at boarding. Passengers were divided in 5 lanes, depending on their seating area withing the plane (for a more efficient boarding, I presume) but, by the time we all got to the actual aircraft, we formed another queue in the boarding bridge so it didn't feel like any time was saved or anything."

Плюси: "Left ontime and service was excellent."

Плюси: "Friendly attendants. Decent food, and frequent snacks and beverages."
Мінуси: "No charging ports for electronic devices."

Плюси: "expedited check in with nice staff. Security staff were pleasant, and the entire check in process for everything was easy"
Мінуси: "there was no lounge close to our departure gate"

Плюси: "Flight was delayed for 15 min resulting in passengers rushing to make their connecting flights.but staff kept passengers informed."
Мінуси: "Flight departing late."

Плюси: "crew were absolutely delightful, full of smiles and doing everything to make you comfortable. seats were fine enough and got some work done and a bit of sleep. first lunch was fresh and tasty, but the second, a burger, was edible, but not much more."
Мінуси: "tv screens are dated so movies are not as crisp as you find in newer planes. you need a 2 prong audio adapter to use your own headphones."

Мінуси: "Bit cramped for space"

Мінуси: "Headset jack only worked if the headset plug was in EXACTLY the right spot."

Плюси: "The staff were professional and friendly The food was very good and plentiful The inflight entertainment has lots of choices The bathrooms remained clean All in stark contrast with BA with who I did the same flight 2 weeks ago and all the above points were very poor"
Мінуси: "Nothing"

Плюси: "Comfortable seats. Warm plane with happy staff."
Мінуси: "Maybe a second sandwich option for food, not everyone likes cheese."

Мінуси: "I don’t like the limited choice of drinks on these short KLM flights."

Плюси: "The supplied pack of toothpaste/toothbrush"

Плюси: "Short-hop flight, fit for purpose."

Плюси: "From pre-boarding, to boarding, to the food, and the attentiveness, everything was top notch! The cleanliness of the plane was only topped by the friendliness of the crew."
Мінуси: "The flight was marked at almost 11hrs but ended up being only 9...not a negative other than it meant not spending as much time on board!"

Плюси: "Very little if any."
Мінуси: "Aircraft was not very clean,the staff seamed quite harsh at times when speaking to customers. The food was really quite poor but it was a short flight to be honest. Overall not as pleasant as the China Southern flights. I would not like to choose them again unless i had to."

Мінуси: "Per usual, KLM can't seem to figure out the order of boarding the plane. Should be business - priority - everyone else. Instead they do priority first, and that's usually two-thirds of the passengers. Strange choice of in-flight movies; no accounting for taste, I guess."

Плюси: "Speed, crew, and reliability."
Мінуси: "Food wasn't good, no entertainment or accessory plug ins, and seats were worn out! Not comfortable at all. Great leg room though."

Плюси: "Very good flight, excellent service and good food."

Плюси: "Very friendly and the food and drinks never stopped and no additional charges, a very nice experience over the bargain airlines, free in-flight movies, and entertainment, no cost."
Мінуси: "No complaints."

Плюси: "Good flight, we got a nice snack despite it being a short flight, the staff was great."

Плюси: "Except for my negative comment, a good flight."
Мінуси: "I paid extra for a window seat, but due to the poor alignment of the seats with the actual windows, I actually sat next to a wall! Nol much to see out of a wall. If KLM are going to charge extra for a window seat, then they should make sure there is a window there! If the seat had actually had a window it would have been an excellent flight."

Плюси: "If you would like to learn more you can call me 628.600.8825 Very dissapointed"

Докладніше про KLM
Інформація щодо COVID-19

Заходи безпеки авіакомпаній, які здійснюють рейси з Києва до Генуї

Авіакомпанії, які здійснюють рейси з Києва до Генуї, вжили додаткових заходів безпеки й оновили свої правила перевезення, щоб краще задовольняти потреби мандрівників. Ці правила можуть бути різними залежно від авіакомпанії.

Посилені гігієнічні заходи

Щоденне прибирання та встановлення HEPA-фільтрів у салоні літаків на рейсах з Києва до Генуї

Маски обов'язкові

Захисна маска на борту є обов'язковою. Маски на рейсах з Києва до Генуї надаються

Дотримання безпечної відстані

Місця по центру на рейсі з Києва до Генуї забронювати не можна

Тестування перед перельотом

Тестування на антитіла та симптоми на рейсах з Києва до Генуї

Бронювання авіаквитків Київ – Генуя недорого

Актуальні пропозиції авіаквитків в обидва боки

1 пересадка
24 год. 25 хв.
1 пересадка
22 год. 20 хв.

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