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Turkish AirlinesКількість відгуків: 24099
Відгуки про авіакомпанію
Плюси: "Food was good, crew was really helpful"
Докладніше про Turkish Airlines
Плюси: "Food was good, crew was really helpful"
Плюси: "Movies and screen"
Мінуси: "Flight delayed. Crew doesn’t speak good English"
Мінуси: "During flight after first meal the cabin temperature is way to cold. Then it gets warmer but later, second half of the flight the air gets very cold again so it’s difficult to have a good sleep."
Плюси: "Nothing"
Мінуси: "Our first flight got delayed from lax and we missed our connection flight and they wouldn’t let us go on the next flight and instead we had to wait about 7 hours for the next flight!!! Also we got really bad seats on the other flight"
Плюси: "Very nice love it"
Мінуси: "Very nice and love"
Мінуси: "Delay flight from istanbul."
Плюси: "The food was decent"
Мінуси: "Too crowded and hectic. Not enough leg room. (and I’m not even a tall person to begin with)"
Плюси: "Easy communication and promptness"
Плюси: "Only the stewardesses very helpful and professional"
Мінуси: "The seats"
Мінуси: "Movies varaiety"
Плюси: "Nothing"
Мінуси: "Nothing"
Плюси: "Nothing am still didn’t fly because of Turkish Airlines in LA really now I have the worst time in my life because the stuff working they are not have heart and no patient only patient for money fees late really I’ll never leave my problems done I can’t believe now sir you texted me after long time to want what’s wrong with me by the way I recorded everything all the stuff and but u will see as soon I reported everything really if you have heart or just thinking after you know my story u will understand me I reported everything with agents and I was trying many many times to come one help me from turkey airline nobody care really you will see sir I’ll post all record to Facebook and YouTube and Instagram Twitter and also I have mybrother his actor and he do show in t.v Chanel and everyone in Egypt loves him so I’ll add this channel t.v like everyone they will see this sir not sir not ok what happens to me you still don’t know why’s going on but now am getting worse day by day nobody with me now sir I sitting with wheelchairs because my back it’s heart me can’t even walk and I lost 2 bags each bag have stuff cost more than 15000$ because it was 2 iPhone X and 2 HTC Vive And some clothes all brand new and play station sir I have all the documents to approve and I reported too anther bag almost 22000$ I have 4000$ cash and more stuff very expensive and the important things my paper work like very important because am CEO for Amircan OSHA Trasports and my tickets price and I paid another fees almost 200 $ don’t sir thinking I need this money sir money now doesn’t working with me when I back my family with wheelchairs really am never had this in my life and the first time I have Turkshairline Sir please be patient and listen to my story maybe u will feel me"
Мінуси: "Please Sir I need help am got tired I went hospital and I can’t walking now cause Turkshairline. This first time i used buying tickets for u and you give me ticket from turkey airline and am never been with turkey airlines before, it’s the worse company I had ever seen in my life I got tired went hospital because of this company am very very sad ,please helping me my issue I bought tickets from you and then I went to airport to check in , the officer she said your bags it’s very heavy so i Said that fine I’ll paying the fees for extra, she said can you go buy in store 2 bags and move your clothes I said ok that’s fine, I went there back after am done she said am late u can’t take the flight because am late 3 mins i told her you just said go move my stuff and back the first I had emergency my sister she is past way 4 days ago and she is my twins and I didn’t see her for 4 years ago and then she’s past away I wish you feel me sir a and I explain her my this, she was trying tell me pay money for taken the flight next day and she wasn’t care sir she didn’t tell me sorry about my sister she’s only keeping talking pay money before 6 pm because after 6 it will be too much, so I told her please take my card and charge me and let’s me takes my flight I have emergency please she went inside and she took my card and she’s Back said my flight it will be tomorrow and charge me almost 200$ I said I didn’t say I want flight tomorrow and I feel very sad and she’s don’t care about my feelings but she’s was very care about money wooow, the end of day I getting tired to even speak and I was very very sad like i was thinking buying anther tickets for another company but she’s ready charge me and I left from airport to home back then I came next day and I went check in it was all the stuff different people and the lady she said my bags it’s big go buy one bag and move some stuff in this bag, again I said please can you cheak in and charge me extra bag let’s me fly she’s very very mean to me I went store and the lady from the store she’s was remember me because I went 2 times the first day and yesterday and back to check in she said am late for 2 mins and trying pay fees for next day, I was crying I can’t believe this I trying to explain her I was her last night and I have emergency nobody care nobody have feel me how am sad I trying to speak with anyone to help me nobody like all stuff they want done work and don’t care about Costmuer I went to Restrount and back nobody there and when I asked where’s all stuff they are left I was getting tired I have bags I trying to fond some one helping me nobody i got too much tired sir I was hospital yasterday I had 5 bags and I lost 2 bag I have big problem now for my back I got tired my body and my mind I have recorded all the stuff and from turkey airline I want send u the record and then you feeling me I only asked for help please help me I want flight and I can’t even walk it was too much please I don’t wants turkey airline"
Плюси: "Confort"
Мінуси: "Took them too long to pick up the trash ..."
Плюси: "The service was good. And the staff were friendly."
Плюси: "Service, crew were great."
Мінуси: "Choices of Indian movies and TV programs.game solitaire can be more automated especially the end."
Плюси: "there are a lot of movie"
Мінуси: "children!!"
Плюси: "Everything was exellent"
Мінуси: "Nothing"
Мінуси: "bus service to the plane"
Плюси: "мне нравится все кроме того что заранее до выхода в Стамбул неизвестен номер gate для полёта в в Одессу. В результате большая нервозность и много времени тратится на поиск этого номера, а потом -- бег чтобы успеть достигнуть место посадки вовремя."
Плюси: "awesome flight awesome food"
Плюси: "Food, entertainment and the airline crew excelente"
Мінуси: "The seat a little inconfortable for me"
Плюси: "Like most American Airlines, Turkish Airlines provides no-frills service. On the other hand, having a pleasant and respectful flight crew can make a tremendous difference in the passengers experience. We were lucky enough to have a flight attendant named Gulhan Who smiled the entire flight. She was professional, courteous, and service oriented. Most of the flight crew showed similar professionalism. Turkish Airlines had for better service then any of the American or European airlines I have encountered during the last 10 years."
Мінуси: "The plane was old and not very comfortable. The food was horrible, and the in-flight entertainment was not very good."
Плюси: "Food."
Мінуси: "Delay."
Плюси: "The food"
Мінуси: "Was late"
Плюси: "Nice crew. Boarding and deplane was fairly easy and quick."
Мінуси: "Seats in coach are quite close and became worse when people reclined."
Плюси: "Nothing"
Мінуси: "The lateness of flights"
Плюси: "The service and food was excellent. The entertainment choices was amazing. They gave me two decent-sized bottles of wine without charging me."
Мінуси: "They give you very little leg room. The seat in front of you touches your knees. After 8 hours in the same position it feels like you are stuck in a coffin or a primatial medieval torture device. The seat begins to hurt your back. You can't get in a comfortable position. You can't turn left or right. There's a little foot rest that gives you 10 minutes of relief but then that gets uncomfortable. If one of the people seated in with the inner row needs to use the restroom then the whole row needs to get up. It's cruel and unusual punishment. The airline just needs to expand the rows by 6 inches. Before you go bring a neck pillow and a butt cushion. Or better yet, pick a seat located in a front section that gives you more leg room. If you have the option then this should be a higher priority over a window seat. You will thank me for this advice."
Плюси: "Short flight with no issues."
Мінуси: "No problems--everything average."
Плюси: "The flight and crew is always great"
Мінуси: "Food and not a great movie selection"
Плюси: "All is good except the airport the service at Istanbul airport are so bad plus the restrooms are so smiling and duty"
Плюси: "Good food, on time, comfterbal"
Мінуси: "Takes rime till theyl take your food plat"
Плюси: "Na"
Мінуси: "Na"
Плюси: "Comfy plane overall, good and entertainment was good!"
Плюси: "Everything"
Плюси: "Everything"
Мінуси: "N/A"
Плюси: "So I never actually flew with Turkish this trip, but I can write about my rerouting experiences. Inbound my first connection to Istanbul was cancelled due to technical problems. Fortunately I was second in the ticket office line and was promptly rebooked with Lufthansa. My return flight was cancelled because of the coup, and again I was rebooked with Lufthansa."
Мінуси: "Overall Turkish Airlines did well in a difficult situation. But a few concerns. On my inbound flight, the agent servicing us was amazing and I was fortunate to be second in line, but the airline was ill prepared for the situation and the agent was being hung out to dry by his colleagues who kept calling him and wouldn't let him do his job. On the return flight, I was frustrated the agents at first pushed me to take a refund rather than letting me rebook with a partner. I ended up having to leave a day later than expected, and didn't get an itinerary till the morning after my original flight. This was all very stressful. Lastly, you have to think twice about flying through Turkey. Although this coup is over, the next crisis will be over whether President Erdogan creeping authoritarianism."
Плюси: "The food was great, entertainment was excellent, flight crew was pleasant, seats were pretty comfortable."
Мінуси: "Flight left over an hour late and I nearly missed my connection as a result."
Плюси: "Crew is amazing, as always"
Мінуси: "Allergic needs were not met"
Плюси: "The boarding process was very good."
Мінуси: "The cabin was too warm."
Плюси: "Selection"
Мінуси: "Headphones or headphone plugs do not make good connection. Screen touch is hard to manage."
Мінуси: "Not on time. Missed my connecting flight. and my luggage did not arrive at my final destination."
Плюси: "The Service was great. The movies were awesome and really did help pass the time. Oh and the food was so delicious that I honestly wanted more and I'm serious it was really good."
Мінуси: "My seat but that was my fault I chose wrong and ended up with a noisy kid."
Плюси: "Minus the delay the flight itself was great! Would definitely fly with them again"
Плюси: "Food and entertaiment. Crew was very good."
Мінуси: "No leg room for people 6 feet and taller."
Плюси: "Went above and beyond"
Плюси: "Great selection of beverages."
Мінуси: "The seats were not padded well. It was too uncomfortable for a 12 hour flight."
Плюси: "Over all is ok"
Мінуси: "Stay over in Istanbul, they gave only one meal for 24hr"
Мінуси: "The attendents, kinda rude"
Плюси: "Nothkng"
Мінуси: "Would not r commend in any capacity"
Плюси: "Crew service, choice of in flight entertainment"
Мінуси: "Food was below par."

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1 пересадкаTurkish Airlines
33 год. 50 хв.LAX-KBP
1 пересадкаTurkish Airlines
36 год. 00 хв.KBP-LAX
₴34 277
1 пересадкаДекілька авіакомпаній
33 год. 50 хв.LAX-KBP
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
31 год. 30 хв.KBP-LAX
₴150 161
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
19 год. 10 хв.LAX-KBP
2 пересадкиДекілька авіакомпаній
26 год. 00 хв.KBP-LAX
₴232 353

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