Пошук дешевих авіаквитків з Херсона до Варшави


Пошук дешевих авіаквитків з Херсона до Варшави

Шукайте авіаквитки до Варшави відразу на сотнях туристичних сайтів. Забронюйте одночасно рейс і готель та заощадьте!

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Херсон (KHE)
Варшава Аеропорт Варшава-Шопен
пт 30/7
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Корисна інформація

Низький сезон

лютийНайкращий час, щоб уникнути натовпу, – ціни у середньому нижчі на 17%.

Високий сезон

серпеньНайпопулярніший час для перельоту – ціни у середньому вищі на 34%.

Середня ціна (в обидва боки)

₴3 996(середня ціна за останні 2 тижні)

Вигідна ціна (в обидва боки)

₴3 277або менше

Вигідна ціна (в один бік)

₴2 044або менше

Коли найвигідніше бронювати авіаквитки з Херсона до Варшави

Попередня ціна за переліт в обидві сторони
Середня ціна за місяць

Як знайти дешеві авіаквитки — поради

  • Шукаєте недорогі авіаквитки? 25% наших користувачів забронювали квиток за цим маршрутом за ₴2 044 в один бік і ₴3 277 за переліт туди й назад (або дешевше).
  • Високим сезоном вважаються липень, серпень та вересень. Найвигідніший місяць для перельоту – лютий.

Бронювання авіаквитків з Херсона до Варшави: поширені запитання

Як KAYAK знаходить такі низькі ціни на авіаквитки з Херсона до Варшави?

Навіщо потрібен "Прогноз цін" і як саме він допоможе мені знайти недорогі авіаквитки з Херсона до Варшави на KAYAK?

Що означає KAYAK Mix у результатах пошуку рейсів з Херсона до Варшави?

Навіщо потрібна опція KAYAK "Гнучкі дати" і як саме вона допоможе мені знайти бюджетні авіаквитки з Херсона до Варшави?

Найкраща авіакомпанія на маршруті Херсон – Варшава Аеропорт Варшава-Шопен

Оцінка на основі відгуків користувачів KAYAK

Turkish Airlines
Кількість відгуків: 23 185
Відгуки про авіакомпанію

Плюси: "Timelines of flight and courtesy of staff"
Мінуси: "Less waiting at Istanbul airport for next flight"

Плюси: "It was a great flight thank you kayak thanks ti THY"

Плюси: "Plan was hold, crew was not helpful. I requested a wheel chair and never got it. Flight was delayed and no assistance was given to figure out missed connections."
Мінуси: "Fix the above. Will not fly Turkish airlines again!"

Плюси: "NOTHING. Flight was canceled with no alternative."
Мінуси: "Flying a plane to a destination."

Плюси: "The food, the amenities, the entertainment."
Мінуси: "Boarding took too long, a little disorganized I’d say."

Плюси: "Big plane, friendly staff, good food."
Мінуси: "Sometime, it gets a bit too cold."

Плюси: "I liked food, drink, service and entertainment."
Мінуси: "I disliked seat, a bit."

Плюси: "Everything was great"
Мінуси: "Increase entertainment options but it was still great just need more latest music"

Мінуси: "Options for vegetarians were not really good."

Мінуси: "Transfer desk in Istanbul is terrible. Poor customer service. It took 6 hours to get transferred from the airport to the hotel."

Плюси: "Super staff"
Мінуси: "Bad WiFi connection"

Плюси: "On-time departure. very polite and friendly staff and we got there fast!"

Плюси: "Airplane crew was amazingly friendly and helpful"
Мінуси: "The customer service in Istanbul airport (for Turkish Airlines) did not speak or understand English at all. She could not give us any helpful information of our flight"

Мінуси: "I like everything"

Плюси: "highly organized boarding process. I wish other airlines would adopt it. courteous, helpful staff, both on the ground and in the air."
Мінуси: "everything was very well done"

Плюси: "Overall the experience was good with friendly staff."
Мінуси: "My luggages where ruined and there was heavy rain. The luggages where left out instead of being protected l, damaging clothing and the luggages themselves. Also they had us for over an hour in the airplane because of bad weather conditions instead of having us out!"

Плюси: "Like most American Airlines, Turkish Airlines provides no-frills service. On the other hand, having a pleasant and respectful flight crew can make a tremendous difference in the passengers experience. We were lucky enough to have a flight attendant named Gulhan Who smiled the entire flight. She was professional, courteous, and service oriented. Most of the flight crew showed similar professionalism. Turkish Airlines had for better service then any of the American or European airlines I have encountered during the last 10 years."
Мінуси: "The plane was old and not very comfortable. The food was horrible, and the in-flight entertainment was not very good."

Плюси: "I like the food in the air craft it was good, but the crew seemed not wanting to speak inglish The are more willing to serve turkish speakers, They were not even able to solve seat problem. that I and my next seat guy decided to solve the issue by offering our seats to them so that they can sit together, the crew spoke poor english and we were held up by that seat problem, ask that crew member they will tell you what happend, After we gave up our saets to random girls who were also angry about turkish airline, we were able to take off for nairobi And yes the coffee store by the cafe nero and nearly all business refused to give us a wifi And turkish airport offers wifi to only those who have a turkish phone number that is so very low Shame on turkish airline for treating us the give us a free rides we are their bussiness and we will make sure that we stop giving our bussness It looks like they took their customers for granted and we will just tollered it but I will not and many people whom I know will not It is simply desaster... 0% service from the time you come to the airport untill boading time I had to ask about 5 deffrent men to tell me if where I was terminal. One but none of them know what i was saying And at the time my flight was sopposed leave 7:50 so I was freaking out And no one helping at that crtical moment I finaly got the delay flight info after running somany times up and down the road"

Мінуси: "There were NO entertainment screens. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Nothing to do for 3 hours."

Плюси: "Surprising level for such a short flight."

Плюси: "The plane was better then the usual"
Мінуси: "Timing"

Плюси: "Quick check in. Nice staff."

Плюси: "The flight took off and landed as scheduled. Boarding was quick and without any hassle. Food was served with in an effective way, and in a friendly manner. Food and drinks were of a good quality and passengers were taken into consideration. Thank you very much."
Мінуси: "I have nothing to complain about. I did not at any time feel disappointed about anything."

Мінуси: "We had to wait about one hour after sitting."

Плюси: "The customer service and attention to detail was a nice surprise. I would definitely fly with Turkish Airlines again."
Мінуси: "The space between the rows was very limited. I have short legs so it wasn't a problem for me, but my companion had her knees shoved into the back of the seat in front of her for the whole 13 hour flight. Not so good."

Плюси: "Comfortable flight, friendly flight attendants, food, usb port to charge my phone, and the in-flight entertainment"
Мінуси: "N/a"

Плюси: "outstanding service, flight attendants are superb"

Плюси: "We liked how easy it was for English speakers - English announcements, English-speaking attendants, good signage at airports."
Мінуси: "Our luggage did not transfer in Istanbul (1 hour layover) and didn't arrive in Warsaw for nearly 48 hours (actually 45 hours)."

Плюси: "Boarding was orderly"
Мінуси: "No entertainment"

Плюси: "Entertainment and boarding was excellent."

Плюси: "The crew bumber was short fot the full flight. The food used to be better in THY."

Плюси: "The crew was excellent. Wonderful entertainment. Very clean aircraft. Good food and loved the goodie bag. Would have rated it a 10 all around but the seating arrangement is not good"
Мінуси: "Very uncomfortable seat arrangement, no leg room."

Плюси: "All"
Мінуси: "Not enough leg room."

Плюси: "I liked the movie choices"
Мінуси: "The second pasta dish with red sauce gave me food poisoning. I threw up on the plane, at the airport, 9' the way home, and when I was at home. I had to miss work the next day due to your food. Also, there was not enough trash collection service"

Мінуси: "Good floght"

Плюси: "they are good thank you very mush"

Плюси: "Same problem coming back, my flight IST to IAD missed because my my layover was only one hour, and when I got the desk of my connecting flight, I was not allowed to board, even though there were last few passengers were still moving to the plane. This time I had to spend another 8 hours on IST."
Мінуси: "I would have like quite a few things, but delays which were not uncontrollable ruined my whole trip"

Мінуси: "Refused to refund cancelled flight"

Мінуси: "always same food and poor conditining"

Плюси: "Liked that the flight was on time and the plane clean. Online seat selection and check in was helpful but there was no wait at the airport either."
Мінуси: "No inflight entertainment. Food was poor, but it was only a short flight."

Плюси: "Decent food. Good service. Great media access for international flights."
Мінуси: "Nothing to knock down"

Плюси: "I have flight in many airlines and was my first expeticence with turkish airlines and it really was excellent. Nice service good planes."
Мінуси: "Need to have more variety in the food and entertainment on board"

Плюси: "Crew was lovely."
Мінуси: "Heat on flight was too high the second half."

Плюси: "Nice food, movies to watch, direct flight on time, what else to ask for"

Плюси: "The crew works very hard to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable. I appreciate it very much. The food service is quite good and the entertainment is excellent. The price is excellent for the service you receive. I agree with other reviews that a tall person will be very uncomfortable with the leg room. I am 5'7' (170 cm) and my knees hit the seat in front of me when the seat was leaned back."

Плюси: "Other than what I've mentioned below, everything was great."
Мінуси: "It was a pretty physically uncomfortable flight. My seat wouldn't recline even a tiny bit and it was a 9+ hour flight. The flight attendant tried to help but was unable to get it to move either."

Мінуси: "Small food/entertainment selection, jarring landing, inattentive baggage handlers."

Мінуси: "canceling our flights and lying to us on the phone after we pay extra for daytime flights"

Мінуси: "food was served cold i had flown them before and the food was good , this time is was terrible - basically not edible, so during that very long flight I ate almost nothing and to top it off the food was served cold staff did not speak english well at all"

Докладніше про Turkish Airlines
Інформація щодо COVID-19

Заходи безпеки авіакомпаній, які здійснюють рейси з Херсона до Варшави

Авіакомпанії, які здійснюють рейси з Херсона до Варшави, вжили додаткових заходів безпеки й оновили свої правила перевезення, щоб краще задовольняти потреби мандрівників. Ці правила можуть бути різними залежно від авіакомпанії.

Посилені гігієнічні заходи

Щоденне прибирання та встановлення HEPA-фільтрів у салоні літаків на рейсах з Херсона до Варшави

Маски обов'язкові

Захисна маска на борту є обов'язковою. Маски на рейсах з Херсона до Варшави надаються

Дотримання безпечної відстані

Місця по центру на рейсі з Херсона до Варшави забронювати не можна

Тестування перед перельотом

Тестування на антитіла та симптоми на рейсах з Херсона до Варшави

Бронювання авіаквитків Херсон – Варшава недорого

Актуальні пропозиції авіаквитків в один бік

2 пересадки
Декілька авіакомпаній
31 год. 20 хв.
1 пересадка
Turkish Airlines
24 год. 10 хв.
2 пересадки
Декілька авіакомпаній
29 год. 15 хв.
3 пересадки
Декілька авіакомпаній
46 год. 50 хв.
2 пересадки
Декілька авіакомпаній
31 год. 55 хв.
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