Знайдіть дешеві авіаквитки Бангкок – Київ

Знайдіть дешеві авіаквитки Бангкок – Київ

Порівняйте вартість авіаквитків на рейси до Києва на сотнях сайтів відразу і виберіть найнижчу ціну

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Низький сезон

травеньНайкращий час, щоб уникнути натовпу, – ціни у середньому нижчі на 33%.

Високий сезон

липеньНайпопулярніший час для перельоту – ціни у середньому вищі на 51%.

Середня ціна (в обидва боки)

₴22 134(середня ціна за останні 2 тижні)

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  • Високим сезоном вважаються червень, липень та серпень. Найвигідніший місяць для перельоту – травень.

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Як KAYAK знаходить такі низькі ціни на авіаквитки за маршрутом Бангкок – Київ?

Навіщо потрібен "Прогноз цін" і як саме він допоможе мені знайти недорогі авіаквитки за маршрутом Бангкок – Київ на KAYAK?

Що таке KAYAK Mix у результатах пошуку авіаквитків за маршрутом Бангкок – Київ?

Навіщо потрібна опція KAYAK "Гнучкі дати" і як саме вона допоможе мені знайти недорогі авіаквитки за маршрутом Бангкок – Київ?

Топ-5 авіакомпаній на маршруті Бангкок-Суварнабхумі – Київ

Оцінка на основі відгуків користувачів KAYAK

Qatar Airways
Кількість відгуків: 11 160
Відгуки про авіакомпанію

Плюси: "Good service from the crew and food was good"
Мінуси: "Flight was delayed and there are redundant checks before entering to the gate. No internet service in the flight and was a very long flight (14 hrs)"

Плюси: "Business class is the best"

Плюси: "Excellent crew, quick serving a lunch on a 1.5 hour flight."
Мінуси: "Just don't like all the trips to and from flights on the bus at Doha."

Плюси: "The service is really good. The only downside is that you have to be in Doha. But it’s always nice to leave Doha."
Мінуси: "The push button entertainment system doesn’t work well. You have to keep pressing buttons to make a movie play. And by pressing buttons, I mean, you have to hit the screen and wake up the person whose head is on the other side of the headrest."

Плюси: "The service. The friendly crew. The clean airplane and bathrooms, the food and drinks. A1"

Плюси: "Very friendly crew, good space in my seat, kept the plane dark and quiet for the overnight flight"

Мінуси: "I truly enjoy this airline! No complaints"

Мінуси: "Qatar airline is one of the best ways to fly!"

Плюси: "It was an ok experience, improved by the head of attendants at the end"
Мінуси: "Service was poor at the beginning, but improved to Qatar service as I complained to the supervisor of the attendants Julia"

Мінуси: "Great selection of movies and the food was really good as well."

Мінуси: "Bad service for wheel chair. No wheel chair at Doha Airport! Need to walk."

Мінуси: "Delay at landing"

Плюси: "So many movies to spend flight time with great crew"
Мінуси: "There are couple things. First of all, it was cold almost for everyone: everyone used a blanket, and some people asked for a second blanket. Secondly, I think that if this airline became the best airline in 2017, staff should care about their passengers’ stuff more than they do, so backpacks or suitcases don't lose parts or get crushed during flights. When I got my backpack back, I thought that someone had used it to play football. My backpack had lost some parts, and some pieces of it were torn!"

Плюси: "The flight crew was very friendly and helpful in getting you settled on the flight"
Мінуси: "Boarding was a bit Hectic in Bangkok."

Плюси: "Good service best price, good food comfort I think is best airlines in word in my opinion"

Мінуси: "Flight was diverted to Kuwait, due to poor condition for landing in Doha and we loose connection to Bucharest."

Плюси: "The THOUGHT it would be a nice flight than usual from Asia to the USA, but it wasn't. Doha Airport was an interesting stop early I'm the morning"
Мінуси: "No outlets on either flight or in the airport so can't use electrics for almost the entire trip. The seats are extremely narrow to the point out of unprobabability to have your own space even if sitting next to regular build person. Food was only ok and service was below average with trash often not collected and needing to request water etc"

Мінуси: "As above"

Мінуси: "Boarding"

Плюси: "The planes were nice and the crew was nice."
Мінуси: "Every single flight we were on was delayed, with no explanation. The food was good on the plane, but almost every meal option I wanted was out by the time the crew got to my seat."

Плюси: "Qatar airlines had the nicest planes I have ever been on, not to mention the most beautiful and clean airport."

Плюси: "Everyone at Qatar Airlines is amazing. The service and inflight accommodations are great, and they are always looking for how to make your travel more comfortable. I highly recommend!"
Мінуси: "It would be nice to have socks to put on for when I want to take my shoes off."

Плюси: "the attendants were always on top of things. One of best overall flights ever."

Плюси: "The Qatar Airways price."

Плюси: "I would definitely travel again with quatar. Amazing trip long hours but they sure take care of the passenger. Love how they took care of my child"

Мінуси: "The entertainment did not include any music (classical or otherwise)."

Плюси: "I like the extra space between the seats that most of their airplanes had; the exception was, I think, the 767. The crew went above and beyond to take care of your needs and always had a smile on their faces."
Мінуси: "The check-in process, leaving Bangkok and leaving Doha, was horrible. Why do I have to wait until 3 hours before my flight departs to check-in and get my boarding pass? This made for long lines and took about 2.5 hours to get a boarding pass in Bangkok"

Плюси: "on my flight from bkk to Doha all the flight attendants were very helpful. One in particular with the name Mary Jane, was very helpful and she stood out among the rest. Thank you for your kindness and help when I couldn't eat some of the foods on board. Whom can I write an email to so that I can be sure that she gets noticed for her work? Thank you"

Плюси: "Our meals were luke warm at best while the bread was still semi frozen. Food quality has always been low on Qatar flights but this time was the absolute worst. I fly with Qatar for work everything 4 months and that's solely due to convenience."

Плюси: "Everything was good."
Мінуси: "More movies, no wifi, better food"

Плюси: "Economy treated like first class!"

Плюси: "The price for the flight was very excellent. The entertainment was very good with the movie selections."
Мінуси: "In Bangkok, I've already checked in on line and all I have to do was drop off my bag and get a boarding pass. There was one to two person doing the checked in and it took about 40 minutes to get done, unacceptable. The lines for non on line check in went faster then the on-line and they have four times more people that was in the on-line checked in. In flight, the seat felt liked you're sitting on a rock after a couple of hours. I'm an aircraft mechanic who used to be a flyer with 7,000 flying hours."

Мінуси: "I was hoping to replace worldmate with you application. you got it wrong. I travelled from Doha to Guanzhou, Bangkok and back to Doha. I don't even know where Sohag is!!!!! Qatar airways did a perfect job as usual."

Плюси: "Respect the scheduel and well organize."

Плюси: "The flight crew was polite. The plane was clean and comfortable. The food was well timed and delicious. They explained everything in full, and were extremely apologetic when there was one short delay. All of my planes were for the most part well timed (we had one short delay)"

Плюси: "Absolutely nothing!!!!!!"
Мінуси: "The fact that our flight was cancelled without being notified. I will never make flight arrangements with them again!!!!!"

Плюси: "- Efficient boarding and check-in - on time arrivals"
Мінуси: "- Food is not as good as in past years. No variety. - -- Attendants don't come around for second beverage (not talking about water distribution) - Planes are showing wear, USB plugs not working"

Мінуси: "I've never had this huge an issue on check in. Set us back over 45 minutes, and we could not get the VAT refund. I will not be paying more to fly on Qatar again based on our incoming and outgoing issues. I wouldn't rate it any higher than other cheaper options."

Плюси: "Always heard middle eastern airlines where greats and Qatar didn't disappoint. The staff was amazing and the seats were comfortable and spacey considering it was economy. If I could do it again I would definitely fly with them again."
Мінуси: "Nothing really. Only thing would be you had to be pretty specific with the staff not be woken up because they ensured you were fed and hidrates (not necessarily a bad thing)"

Мінуси: "Not allowing water on the flight made it extremely long and unbearable."

Плюси: "Qatar airlines blew me away! The food was top notch and frequent, the flight attendants were incredibly nice and attentive, the planes and entertainment were world class aND they were affordable for our flight from Boston to Bangkok."

Плюси: "Crew was great"

Плюси: "The flight was comfortable. The flight attendants were pleasant and attentive."
Мінуси: "After the flight landed we had to present our boarding passes one by one so they could be inspected again and our names were crossedoing off some list. It really slowed down meeting our ride and getting to customs. I think it also contributed o our flight being delayed since the flight before us had to do the same thing as they disembarked. I would be more concerned if my flight had a close connection if this is a standard practice. This was my first flight with Qatar. If the practice is standard I won't keep flying them."

Плюси: "Great flights. lots of room in economy."

Плюси: "I was given great service by a Nadine in Detroit with JetBlue. She was very calm and helpful with me getting a baggage claim."
Мінуси: "My bag wasn't transferred to the next plane in Boston so I couldn't get my bags when I got off the plane. I wish someone would have told me because j waited in Detroit for about 1 hour for my bags without any mention of bags that didn't transfer."

Плюси: "I like the space, equipment that work Space in comparison with other airlines but could be even better once human rights become more important than cashing in ( that is a comment meant for all airlines"
Мінуси: "The wifi was useless"

Плюси: "I just flew from Bangkok to Miami, with a connection in Doha. The roundtrip ticket was about the weirdest one listed (less than $1000USD). For the price, it was a really good flight. The flight attendants were really nice. The seats were comfortable, food was more than decent, and there was a good entertainment system."
Мінуси: "Earlier in the year I flew a similar flight for a similar price on Emirates. Emirates I liked more for one reason in particular. Emirates had one attendant whose job was solely to clean the bathroom. I don't know about you, but I love the idea of a constantly cleaned bathroom on such a long flight. Qatar didn't have this."

Плюси: "Great service, smooth flight...on time departures and arrivals."
Мінуси: "Some of the touch screens weren't working"

Плюси: "Food options and timing options , Ambience , seats configuration, type of seats, extensive entertainment options"
Мінуси: "I was wholly satisfied , service was courteous , requests were carried timely and seamlessly ."

Плюси: "Amazing seats and crew"

Плюси: "Lay flat beds and vegetarian food"

Плюси: "The counter workers upgraded my seats to window and a better boarding group."

Плюси: "Entertainment is epic. Speed to get luggage and depart airport was excellent."
Мінуси: "Boarding crew had difficulty pronouncing "B" and "D", this caused some confusion. If they had said "B for Bravo", and "D for David", it would have helped them a lot."

Мінуси: "Stuff not helpful, rude and not helping at all despite us being with a baby"

Плюси: "The crew was on point and did there jobs well."
Мінуси: "The food was old fashioned and stuck in the 1960s. Having an option of Beef brisket or Salmon or two polarizing choices. I opted for the brisket and it was decent but not actually worth finishing. It was too fatty and strange tasting. Boarding in Sydney needs much improved screens and communication."

Плюси: "Flight was on time."
Мінуси: "Keep up the good work"

Плюси: "The service, food , amenities were all A +++"

Плюси: "Facilities and comfort"
Мінуси: "Nil"

Плюси: "Emirates Airlines are the best Airlines in the world and I always travel with them all over the world"

Плюси: "Early landing great service loads of legroom as am 6ft 5"
Мінуси: "N\a"

Мінуси: "Noise at the back of business Entertainment system did not work properly"

Плюси: "Lucky to have the seat free next to me otherwise not much else good."
Мінуси: "Was supposed to be a A380 but they changed the flight to 777. I only flew with Emirates to be in the more spacious A380 otherwise I’d have chosen another carrier at better price. I also paid to choose seat which naturally didn’t apply any longer and was put at very back of plane so that money was wasted. They could have at least advised but the attitude was blaze and not willing to even speak to me."

Мінуси: "The flight was delayed for an already tight connection in Dubai. We paid for extra leg room only to be seated by the toilets to watch people throwing up most of the flight. Those same people did not get on the connecting flight and so Emirates managed to take our bags off as well, so we end up in London for a months stay with no luggage. Promises that it will arrive before midnight not kept and currently still waiting for bags to arrive."

Плюси: "Although a short trip it was a great experience especially the bar The seat setup is very good and facilities cannot be faulted."
Мінуси: "Staff were rushed due to short nature of Flight most staff were great but some showed the pressure forgetting requests. Left medicine bag on Flight despite reporting it was never contacted again which inconvenienced my trip having to seek doctors for replacements."

Мінуси: "My seat is horrible with something looks like vomit everywhere between a gap of the seat in front of me. Also the touch screen is not working, at first I pushed so hard until i hurt my finger tip, at the end I used buttons on an remote to control the screen(stupid me!!). The screen reset to an old version couple of times during the flight the crew had to reset for me( the airline should know what i'm talking about) It's a six-hour flight but the meal was literally served at 8.55pm(original time) in my section which is the last section to get food when the flight took of at 6.10pm(original time) - almost three hours into the flight. Can't believe they claimed to be number one airline in the world. If you fly to the States from thailand. Take Quatar if you want to go to the east coast or asian airlines any thing japanese or korean or even chinese airline like Hainan airline. They are all way better than this."

Плюси: "The flight certainly lived up to its reputation as being one of the nicest airlines to fly, even in being in economy. Great service, great food, great on board entertainment."
Мінуси: "There was an incident prior to take off where a passenger in first class had to be removed from the plane. Though it’s certainly not the airlines fault that there was an issue with a passenger, they should’ve been a lot more transparent and gave us a lot more information on what exactly was going on other then “we need to go back to a special area to get this passenger off.” Couple that with the security checks to “make sure there is nothing on the plane that shouldn’t be” and very little explanation of what actually occurred, it made for a very stressful flight. Not knowing if this passenger had made any kind of threat against the plane, or safety of other passengers... etc, it was very hard to feel safe for the remainder of my trip being left in the dark as the incident occurred in first class."

Плюси: "Space"
Мінуси: "Breakfast could have been a bit better"

Плюси: "Attention to detail Great Entertainment Excellent food Pilot updates on timing"
Мінуси: "Movie channels and music could be easier to use"

Плюси: "The relaxed environment and the crew are amazing"
Мінуси: "There is always some passengers that drink a bit more than they should but.... there is nothing we can do with it"

Плюси: "The flight was excellent, good service and excellent staff"

Плюси: "Excellent new plane good food friendly staff excellent entertainment"
Мінуси: "Staff not bring drinks regularly enough"

Плюси: "Verry efficient and helpful even with oversize canvas painting,, didn't expect luggage to be transferred so quickly but the made it!"
Мінуси: "Delay and worry I would miss connection"

Плюси: "Arguably the best service I've ever had on a flight"
Мінуси: "Had to stop movie 20min prior to landing as I was in emergency exit row"

Плюси: "The seats are relatively good on the newer A380s. The film selection was good."
Мінуси: "The meal was poor."

Плюси: "Best airline so far for economy long haul flight, was emerites flight"
Мінуси: "No Arabs on board but everything in Arabic, no real issues. Would have been hard for my Thai girl to navigate on her own"

Плюси: "Crew were friendly"
Мінуси: "Why are Emirates business Class seats on 777 so weirdly configured - you have to be a stick insect to squeeze out of bulkhead row 8 window seats because of hideous mock walnut trunk slung between the seats to house aisle TV screen."

Плюси: "The in flight entertainment is as good as ever."
Мінуси: "The food was wore, the staff seemed less happy and the flight was overcrowded. Not a bad experience, really, but slightly worse than the same flight the previous year. Getting to be the world's best airline may be less challenging than remaining such."

Плюси: "Service was wonderful people very kind enjoying them on the flight was quite beautiful soft and nice wish you good luck ."

Плюси: "Service is phenomenal, comfort of the seats and in flight entertainment was fab."
Мінуси: "Food was mediocre, but then again haven't ever had a wonderful meal on an aeroplane before!"

Плюси: "Excellent service"

Плюси: "Flew Emirates coach Washington to Dubai to Johannesburg and Bangkok to Dubai to Washington in July 2017. New A380-800 planes were superb. Entertainment system is second to none. Staff is efficient and polite. Except for the "required crying babies" on each leg the plane is very quiet and peaceful. The check-in, however is a zoo. But better to put your best employees on the flights rather than on the ground."

Плюси: "Seating and hospitality"

Плюси: "crew food"
Мінуси: "i asked for a plus blanket, they did not provide me since the plane was full, though so many people were not using it and i felt cold; none help was provided"

Мінуси: "Do not like Dubai airport security setup and the distance one has to walk between arrival and departure gates is a joke especially when your over 70!"

Плюси: "Food selection Wine not as good as usual"
Мінуси: "Boarding was chaotic. Why usher First Class into an area make ten stand up for ten minutes before boarding?"

Плюси: "A380 Emirates get better every time"

Плюси: "It was a great experience...nicest airline I've ever flown. The cabin crew was attentive and accommodating and being a vegetarian I found they had many options for my dietary requirements."

Мінуси: "The food was very poor, the service was not as good as before. For example they didnt provide earplug and sleeping beauty and they served the breakfast too early, so it was not enough time to sleep. After the breakfast there was still plenty of time around 1,5-2 hours. I think with the departure time at 03.00 a.m. the airline try to save one foood just after the departure. The asian noodle what they provided upon request, was not sufficiant neither fit to the rank of the airline."

Плюси: "flight attendants, food, nighttime lights, seats, movies"
Мінуси: "when the PA announcements came over the loud speaker, when i was listening to a movie, was extremely loud"

Мінуси: "1.45 hours connection time in Dubai was hardly sufficient. Had to run through main terminal. Despite being in business class, no special service to bring us to the gate. Not good enough frankly."

Плюси: "Food, entertainment system, the air bus A380 was superb , cleanliness and crew was attentive."
Мінуси: "None"

Плюси: "Service, food and entertainment"

Плюси: "Staff, Service, plane, food. Everything"
Мінуси: "I can't say a word against them."

Мінуси: "We fid not enjoy the close proximity of several screaming children who insisted in screaming at all hoyrs, making sleep impossible. What was concerning was the reluctance of the staff to intervene. Most disappointing as we did not have any sleep at all overnight."

Плюси: "I was upgraded to business"
Мінуси: "You did not consult me first and I was traveling with a friend"

Плюси: "Good food,excellent service,good entertainment !!"
Мінуси: "Nothing"

Плюси: "I liked the cleanliness and entertainment in the flight."
Мінуси: "Very cold inside flight. And the crew is not providing any blankets. Crew delivers food very late literally after we starved to death ."

Плюси: "I was so worried about missing my connecting flight but I got express immigration checkin it was a great gesture, didn't expect it from Emirates"
Мінуси: "None"

Плюси: "Entertainment was good, staff friendly and accomodating,"
Мінуси: "Food was just ok, breakfast lacking, only given croissant and yoghurt, the angled lie flat beds are not as good as the 180 degree lie flats, would be nice to have complete lie flats."

"Staff were lovely. Plane was clean and comfortable. Nice clean blankets snd pillows."

Мінуси: "I fell sick and my doctor advised against flying. Tried calling Swiss Air and JustFly.com: 6 calls back and forth and 7 hours on hold, no help. Finally got advised on driving to the airport to make the flight change at the Swiss Air counter at O’Hare. The representative told me to bring a note from doctor to switch flights. I did the next day. The same representative looked me in the eye after advising the day before and said there’s nothing she could do. Why make an elderly sick person drive to the airport again if you know already you cannot help??Absolutely terrible experience, no help from the airline or travel agency. Total loss of the full price of the ticket."

Плюси: "The crew was amazing and helpful. The food was really good and the flight was timely if not early to my destination."

Плюси: "Great service in 1st class"
Мінуси: "All good"

Плюси: "I never made the connection because the flight was cancelled. I liked nothing about the flight and to boot I got sick because I was up for over 40 hours straight... 11 of them spent in Customer Service line."
Мінуси: "It was a terrible two day experience that would have turned into over 3 if I did not cancel my flight plans.... vacation ruined."

Плюси: "Crew was really nice can’t complain"
Мінуси: "Other airlines offer free beer or even hard liquor here u have to pay"

Плюси: "Everything!!"

Плюси: "It was fine - overall pleasant/nothing."
Мінуси: "It was fine - overall pleasant/nothing wrong, but not outstanding, either. It helps to have no one in the middle seat, but it would have been nicer to have slightly more comfortable seating, and a bit more privacy."

Мінуси: "This flight often arrives late so it is difficult to get to your hotel"

Плюси: "The BUD-ZRH flight was on Swissair aircraft, not on Edelweiss or another low cost feeder airline. Over the years, I have flown both options, and while Edelweiss is a fine carrier, Swissair flights are still a cut above. Contributing to the positive experience was the friendly agent at check-in at BUD."

Плюси: "Clean airplane and toilets Many entertainment choice No turbulence"
Мінуси: "3 separate passport control checks Last minute gate number announcement Very long flight 9.5 hours Tight seat room"

Плюси: "Excellent airline. The flights are always on time and the email notifications make it easy to print out boarding passes and go right to the gate."
Мінуси: "The seating and leg room is quite cramped"

Плюси: "Hard working on board crew"
Мінуси: "check in procedure in Berlin: That airport is different. You drive right to the gate from which you board the plane. I showed up early and was told that I had to take by suitcase to another location if I wanted to check in 3 hours early. After lugging the suitcase a quarter of a mile, I was told that they don't do that and I had to return to the designated gate at the appropriate time."

Плюси: "i liked the food and the crew. they were nice."
Мінуси: "the flight was good. nothing to not like."

Плюси: "Everything! The cleanest aircraft I have ever been on, excellent crew, amazing breakfast!"
Мінуси: "Nothing, everything was superb"

Плюси: "The booking to a new flight was seamless."
Мінуси: "We had to take a different flight on Lufthansa which had a whole list of it's own problems."

Плюси: "Nice self boarding"
Мінуси: "No big screen to communicate priority to boarding since I am deaf."

Плюси: "It is always a pleasure to fly with Swissair. They are so much better than the other airlines on the Europe - US flight. Food was very good, we even received an ice cream for extra snack. Kids received nice activity books. The movie selection was huge."

Плюси: "All staff of Swiss made you feel important."
Мінуси: "Everything was fine"

Мінуси: "We missed our flight going to Geneva from new York and so automatically lost the return portion of our flight. So had to totally rebook. The people at the Swiss air counter were not very helpful."

Плюси: "Everything"
Мінуси: "Nothing"

Плюси: "check-in at Kloten,wheelchair assistance, boarding, food, bar, general service, uneventful flight, in short: THE WHOLE TRIP Peter Hz"

Мінуси: "The same as the first flight, although it was a bit better, offering chocolates and a small breakfast, although they didn’t have an alternative to ham or yogurt for people who are not interested in them"

Плюси: "Smooth, on time flight"

Плюси: "Service."
Мінуси: "Leg room."

Плюси: "I love the fact that there are no communication barrier...everyone that I spoke to knows English!"
Мінуси: "N/A"

Плюси: "The chocolate"
Мінуси: "The entertainment system in the main part of the plane was not working luckily I had a good book otherwise I would have been very upset."

Плюси: "good service"
Мінуси: "late departure, stressful to make the connection, had to check in hand luggage even though there was lots of space"

Плюси: "Crew; polite helpful and professional."
Мінуси: "Seating, and the pre booking process. The cost of endless add for a decent flight. Ex. buy a ticket but you didnt buy a seat, luggage, meals, wifi,"

Плюси: "Nice staff"
Мінуси: "Old business class, old enterior, cabin too hot, seat uncomfortable due to permanent deflation of cushion."

Плюси: "crew very nice and helpful. great service. food was very good and good portions. very nice entertainment system."
Мінуси: "unable to choose seat without paying extra."

Плюси: "Entertainment options were pretty good."
Мінуси: "If people leaned the their seat back it was very uncomfortable and hard to get in and out, eat and or watch the tv."

Мінуси: "Swiss staff was not helpful at all at Zurich airport. I wanted to purchase a day pass in the Business class lounge. They said i could do that but need to do it online. When I couldn't get my device to bring up the right screen they said they couldn't help me. Bad customerbaervixe"

Плюси: "Crew were organized and pleasent. Lots of food."
Мінуси: "Seats in economy are tight."

Плюси: "Registration and baggage check was fine, no line to wait im. The flight was moderately full. Good food and beverage service (although Lufthasa is a bit better)."
Мінуси: "Zurich airport dining facilities are poor - no choice of warm food and pricey."

Плюси: "It takes two minutes to get to a live operator when you call. Simply amazing."
Мінуси: "The flight from Nairobi to Zurich starts in Nairobi, flies an hour south to Dar es Salaam, you then sit on the tarmac for an hour, then you fly north for an hour until you get back to the starting point. I would think they would save money if they flew an empty plane down to Dar es Salaam, picked up those passengers and then flew back to Nairobi. No way should an 8.5 hour flight take over 11.5 hours. Plus my screen didn't work for one of the flights, nearly 12 hours without entertainment was BS. No real variety in their meals either. The first leg had a main meal of beef and potatoes as the meat option, same option for the second leg."

Плюси: "Everything except the earphones was great"
Мінуси: "The earphones are bad and connector is 2 pins, so couldn't use mine."

Мінуси: "Unorganized and hectic at the gate; personnel were rude and unhelpful. I was asked numerous times to Leave and let them do their work" when I asked why I was on standby and what that meant."

Мінуси: "smooth & efficient friendly crew"

Мінуси: "Even one member of the crew was not very nice with my young daughters."

Мінуси: "Never happened because I was rerouted through Istanbul. And for anyone checking Istanbul is 3 hours in the wrong direction to my ultimate destination."

Плюси: "So far so good"
Мінуси: "So good"

Плюси: "El espacio dentro de la cabina y la atención de la tripulación. Me informaron de la inmediatez de mi siguiente conexión"

Плюси: "?"
Мінуси: "the new Boeing 777 is horrible... no space and small seats >> my feet were swollen, everything hurts the inflight- entertainment is integrated in the front seat, you can`t change screen if you are blinded as i wrote to the service center to change the seats (july 21st) i still have no answer on my mail.... service???? no more again..."

Плюси: "Everything."
Мінуси: "Nothing."

Плюси: "Great service"
Мінуси: "I loved everything"

Плюси: "The staff was wonderful Pleasant, quick with requests , very professional"
Мінуси: "I get motion sickness and found it strange they no bags were in the magazine pocket. Had to ask for it and wait"

Мінуси: "Terrible seats and old.entertaineme.t system"

Плюси: "food was pretty good, nice selection of movies"
Мінуси: "cramped seats"

Плюси: "Everything! Great Flight attendants, good food. Drinks in economy class. First class treatment in economy. Plenty of entertainment options. We were fortunate to have a very clear air on our transatlantic flight. They did not turn on the seatbelt sign except to land."

Мінуси: "Food is looking not fresh and quality is cheep ...."

Плюси: "Boarding a smooth flight"
Мінуси: "Food absolutely"

Плюси: "Nice service easy flight"
Мінуси: "Hot, ridiculously warm on the plane"

Мінуси: "Comfort mostly"

Мінуси: "Mi s-au pierdut bagajele !"

Мінуси: "an excellent early Sunday morning flight to Frankfurt; overnight check-in convenience for large luggage pieces and easy security access to the boarding gates"

Плюси: "Amazing flight , crew excellent , good food. Definitely I will travel again with Austrian Airlines"

Мінуси: "Austrian could learn from the likes of singapore airlines and cathay pacific: the choice of movies was pretty limited (1 italian, 1 french, 1 spanish) and the games were simply boring. The food was ok, breakfast pretty terrible (breed but no butter, reconstructiesergramingtheworstieverate.Stodwoowfs"

Плюси: "The crew was good. They were friendly and efficient. One did forget to return with a promised coffee but she apologized when I spoke of it to her."
Мінуси: "1. no air conditioning until the plane was in the air. It was STIFLING on the runway. 2. no power sockets to charge devices"

Мінуси: "Was very satisfied with everything."

Плюси: "Nothing."
Мінуси: "They lost our bags, twice! We had 4 pieces of luggage that were checked together. They flew out of the same airport we did. They lost 3 out of the 4 bags, but assured me all 3 were on the very next flight. The next flight came in but only 2 more had been put on that flight. Still waiting on 4th..."

Плюси: "-maintenance had to fix an issue that the team was not transparent about for 2.5 hours. 0at least boarding happened swiftly -the male crew member was GREAT but the female crew members two of them were very short, rude, and not there to bring comfort to customers -chicken meal was tasty, but made both me and my father sick. Muffin for breakfast was mediocre as well -tv was good, but touch screen sometimes doesn't work."

Плюси: "Nothing. See below."
Мінуси: "Original flight cancelled so rebooked ojba floght five hours later - then with one hour to go until that second flight, that was cancelled as well. Totally unhelpful ground staff, who were oblivious to the fact that I had a work commitment the next day so couldn’t overnight in some random hotel at an airport to suit Austrian’s policies. Eventually routed via Lisbon which meant literally flying all night to arrive at 0600. Lufthansa and Austrian have some serious faults to correct."

Мінуси: "Seats are very small. Plane was cramped. Snack was not very good. Need healthy options."

Плюси: "Plane was very clean and drink service was frequent."
Мінуси: "The gate was older, not well appointed and far from shops and better dining. We lined up only to be taken on a very long shuttle ride to the plane. I have had this experience before but in this case the planes location was virtually on the other side of the terminal. By the time all were boarded, the plane was late by about 15 minutes to takeoff, and we experienced more delay after that so that on arrival we were an hour delayed. Many missed connections in Vienna as a result. Crew seemed tense and on edge."

Плюси: "Crew were polite and accommodating."
Мінуси: "Plane temperature was too hot, despite my repeated requests to the crew to lower the temp. No one on this flight opened a single blanket - was that the goal? It was too hot to even sleep."

Плюси: "The stewardess is very polite and accommodating n"
Мінуси: "Nothing"

Плюси: "Flight schedule, boarding management"
Мінуси: "No WI-FI service during my return flight, limited options for tv news programs."

Плюси: "Enough legroom for economy"
Мінуси: "Basic food - poor in fight entertainment"

Мінуси: "the entertainment was broken, they didn't offer WIFI. the crew was very rude and crabby."

Плюси: "The whole flight was very nice"

Плюси: "Crew only offered water once during the whole night flight. The entertainment programs regarding games was very restricted, both in terms of game offers as well as operation / handling"

Мінуси: "Cancel it"

Мінуси: "Chaotic boarding process, no clear communication with passengers, delays in boarding not explained, people sent away or told off, huge attitude and chip on the shoulder. In the U.S., we are customers that paid for a service and are asking for details on that service. In Europe, we are annoyances that depend on staff at the boarding gates to get on the plane, so power tripping and general disdain to customers beings confused are part of the game. I will try never to fly Austrian Airlines again. Absolutely unacceptable behavior toward families, mothers with children, senior citizens. I can almost see the smirks and annoyed and superior attitude of staff at the boarding gate when they had to deal with more passengers asking why boarding hasn't started half an hour ago when we were announced it would. No answers, just show me the passport and boarding pass, ok, please go back, we'll let you know, then ignore questions."

Мінуси: "Food is appauling!"

Плюси: "Non"
Мінуси: "No food terrible idea to serve orange, oll dos nasty hands Stick to a site"

Плюси: "Boarding/deplaning quick Left on time"
Мінуси: "Food -too much starch Only chicken No breakfast Bathrooms were dirty"

Мінуси: "While going to the gate G11 at Vienna airprt, i slipped infront of the gate in presence of 3 male austrian airways staff who were checking there. After i got up i requested if i could get some water and they said they cannot. Finally a co passenger gave me her bottle of water. I ended up actually breaking my leg"

Плюси: "Flight"
Мінуси: "Not enough room in the seat"

Плюси: "I would suggest to make up some how for my lost as I had other problems derived from missing my United Airlines but so far every body has been very understanding. For example selling me a new ticket at a special price or with some benefit - I WILL NEED TO FLY TO VIENNA AND KIEV AGAIN WITHIN 6 MONTHS - otherwise; I doubt I would ever buy a Austrian plane ticket again. I AM FLYING ON POLISH AIRLINES RIGHT NOW OCT 25TH."
Мінуси: "When I try to make the change of itinerary on Austrian Airlines on the selling web page, they told me to contact the Austrian Airlines, so I did. The Austrian Airlines lady who told me that I would just lose my tickets and that I could not even pay a penalty to avoid such thing, was very VERY RUDE!! As the Austrian Airlines did not offer me an option but losing my plane ticket,"

Мінуси: "Service"

Плюси: "Very well organozed"
Мінуси: "None"

Мінуси: "."

Плюси: "I loved the music while boarding the plane. All staff members were very nice."

Мінуси: "Very confusing boarding procedures. In Vienna they would check you at the gate to make sure you are in but keep you standing for a long time. I am not sure what happened but food was barely edible: breakfast eggs were like rubber and Lunch was served with a tiny sandwich. For a 10 hour flight it was not even sufficient"

Плюси: "I fly this route on Austrian 5 times a year, and I nearly always choose Austrian because it hast the overall best 'package' - a comfortable plane with excellent sleeping seats in business class, the best airline food in the world from Do & Co, the nicest staff that really cares about your well being and the quickest connection between Bangkok and Vienna."
Мінуси: "The entertainment program is a bit slim, to my taste - but I'm not a big consumer of inflight movies, as I prefer to get more sleep when I fly. When compared to the entertainment program on Singapore Airlines, for example, Austrian's own can't really compete."

Плюси: "Plenty of food and drinks, pleasant crew"

Плюси: "Everything was great except seats uncomfortable"
Мінуси: "Uncomfortable seats"

Плюси: "The actual flight was professionally well-handled"
Мінуси: "Someone from the airlines needs to help people transferring at Paris airport. I was sent to three different terminals (which required two different bus transfers) to get to my United flight to the states. I had been warned by a friend that the Paris airport is the worst. It is! And the airlines should bear some responsibility for the lack of clear information. I could write about this for a long time."

Плюси: "Catering and service was superb. While linen. Course by course on China, no tray service. The food was exquisite. The wine was acceptable, mid range, with very generous pours in Riedel glassware and always the offer made of would I like anything more? The seperate coffee menu has to be experienced to be believed, basically, it's an authentic Vienna see cafe experience at 30,000 ft."
Мінуси: "Entertainment selection was fiddly and the offerings meagre compared to the vast libraries found on other carriers, but it was sufficient. More a quibble than a gripe from me. The noise cancelling headsets were good quality noise cancelling, and comfortable. I can't wear some other airlines headsets at all and use my ear pods with an airline adapter jack."

Мінуси: "Give me some knee room. I'm only 5 10 - What happens to the tall people?"

Плюси: "Staff are pleasant and competent."

Мінуси: "While boarding, the AC was off due to a mechanical issue. The plane was uncomfortably hot, but the pilot and flight attendants were appropriately apologetic. The issue was resolved once we took off."

Плюси: "It was the best flight I've had and the best Pilot. Thank you, Corina Pauta"

Плюси: "Flight attendance were amazing Smooth flight Comfortable seats"
Мінуси: "Boarding was very unorganized"

Плюси: "Never again with KAYAK. Sorry."

Плюси: "I am gluten free, and the stewardess knew what foods I could eat of the desserts and snacks, and I appreciated that there was food that I could eat."

Плюси: "We appreciated the upgrade to business as we are frequent travellers on Austrian; the flight attendants were very patient and kind with our children"
Мінуси: "Food too salty; would've liked to see English subtitles for German language movies"

Плюси: "Crew was nice, plane was new and clean, flight was safe with no issues"
Мінуси: "Plane was so small, I had a feeling I was on a low cost carrier in Europe. Even carry on couldn't fit above in the bins. This is very disappointing for an airline that used to be great. That plane was like the bottom level of the Titanic where people were squizzed in. Upon arrival in Vienna getting off the plane we had to take the stairs and the bus to the terminal - that's how small the plane was. Just awful."

Плюси: "I liked the service and the polite staff. Timelyness also we liked.I will use united again."

Мінуси: "No internet available (2020). For the my previous flight, a month ago, was the same problem."

Мінуси: "Bigger seats the new ones are way to narrow"

Мінуси: "It's KLM. What else do you need to know."

Мінуси: "The only complaint I had was that it was very warm on the flight (and I usually get cold on flights), and in the seats we had there weren't fans above the seats. A few rows up they had fans, so apparently you have to pay extra for air... This wouldn't be a big deal on a short domestic flight, but for an international flight it was a long time to be uncomfortable!"

Плюси: "Crew were excellent"
Мінуси: "Old aircraft. Uncomfortable seats in economy. Entertainment screens old and almost impossible to watch - watched my iPhone! No mobile phone charger."

Плюси: "the crew was wonderful, we got a nice Wrap and water, wine or coffee for free, not all airlines serve it anymore, we were on time and I got whatsapp message with updates of the flight"

Мінуси: "Crew members in Amsterdam were very rude and disrespectful"

Мінуси: "The flight from Manchester to Amsterdam has been delayed which led insufficient time for me to transfer to HK"

Мінуси: "Fix the damn KIOSKS at Vienna!"

Мінуси: "Flight got delayed 30 minutes"

Плюси: "Seats super comfy. Ended up with 3 seats to myself that formed a bed for the lap Uk to NZ. Very nice!"

Мінуси: "Dozens of high school students screaming and climbing onto seats, crew did not intervene."

Плюси: "The crew are amazing! Attentive and friendly."
Мінуси: "The seats could have been bigger."

Плюси: "Crew was great and professional."
Мінуси: "Entertainment controls were outdated and confusing to operate. There were no charging ports."

Плюси: "KLM staff is great"

Мінуси: "If only there was a way to be able to lie down and sleep - you would be pioneers in aviation"

Плюси: "very attentive crew"
Мінуси: "Only ham sandwiches on offer! I'm not demanding and would have been happy with cheese."

Мінуси: "lost baggage"

Плюси: "Economy comfort was very nice, food decent, plenty of toilets to avoid overcrowding, and good entertainment selection."

Плюси: "Flight duration"
Мінуси: "Very stingy with the drinks Cramped seats"

Плюси: "Nice crew pilot food and beverage"
Мінуси: "No wifi"

Мінуси: "old screens and entertainment system leg room to small"

Мінуси: "wasn't able to take the flight since I missed it"

Плюси: "Very attentive crew. Attended to needs immediately. Took a lot of time with each person when someone had something to say."
Мінуси: "The seat I had with no seats in front of me was very small. Much smaller than the other economy seats because the tray table and video screen were in the armrests. Paid extra for the legroom by ended up losing it side to side. Really had to squeeze into the seat."

Мінуси: "Still waiting to board after missing this connection had to be booked on another airline"

Плюси: "Efficient crew"
Мінуси: "Long, slow line at check in. Not many new movies or tv shows"

Плюси: "The flight to Gdansk took off and arrived on-time and the staff were professional."
Мінуси: "The flight to Amsterdam from Gdansk was late and I had to RUN to the connecting gate. 50 minutes is NOT ENOUGH time to go through passport control."

Мінуси: "KLM lost my luggage during the layover. My luggage didn't arrive even after the next flight to Prague. Customer service wouldn't give me any idea what flight my luggage would arrive on, nor would they tell me what time my luggage might be delivered to me."

Плюси: "Everything excellent. Comfortable seats in business."

Мінуси: "The movie selection did not seem extremely varied."

Мінуси: "The cabin crew was racist. She told me to move back from an empty seat just because she wanted one of the guys ( from her country ) to set on it! Very rude and racist."

Плюси: "I got some rest"
Мінуси: "unable to charge my phone or watch movies"

Плюси: "Bording was good and general flight ok"
Мінуси: "This airplane must be the oldest in the fleet. No USB, no charging, no touchscreen technology, no plugs, no bluetooth."

Плюси: "The staff the facilities the food all ******. Will definetly look forward to choose both delta and KLM"

Плюси: "The staff were professional and friendly The food was very good and plentiful The inflight entertainment has lots of choices The bathrooms remained clean All in stark contrast with BA with who I did the same flight 2 weeks ago and all the above points were very poor"
Мінуси: "Nothing"

Плюси: "Very friendly and helpful personnel."

Плюси: "My bagage broke"
Мінуси: "I paid extra fee for extra bagage which was tv and i paid insurance my tv broke and no one responces for it"

Плюси: "The flight was great."

Плюси: "Thankful for coffee being served without charge. Not all airlines do that."

Мінуси: "suitcase didn't turn up, although connection was quite tight"

Плюси: "The very dirty plane was cleaned at Dar-es-salaam and became less dirty. The pilot kept us updated periodically through the flight. The flight attendants were very pleasant."
Мінуси: "The plane was very dirty when we landed in Dar-es-salaam. The plane did get cleaned a little bit in Dar-es-salaam however I was still missing a pillow and blanket which I had to actively seek out. Seating was not very comfortable as there was a box attached to the leg of the seat in front of me, making it necessary to keep my feet at an uncomfortable angle through the long flight. I did not enjoy the food."

Плюси: "I was upgraded to Buisness so, no complaints"
Мінуси: "No Marlboro light cigarettes on the duty free shopping cart"

Плюси: "The cabin crew were fantastic and funny"
Мінуси: "Tiny seats"

Мінуси: "Very slow service. I wanted to by several goods from duty free. But crew served only first 20 rows of aircraft."

Мінуси: "Fewer entertainment options than the delta flight. I got excited with that first flight."

Плюси: "It was very comfortable"
Мінуси: "The crew was great"

Плюси: "Even for this short flight, drinks and sandwich was provided staff were efficient and friendly"

Мінуси: "Our flight from Nairobi to Lusaka was cancelled for some reason and we did not find out until we happened to log into the website to double check our itinerary. They automatically rescheduled the flight only giving us 25 minutes to reach our next flight...impossible. so, after calling, we were re-booked again and forced into a 13 hour layover in Amsterdam. Our original flight plan had 4 hours. so, because we are a family of 7 with a baby, we had to buy a hotel room to rest, costing us a lot of extra money we had not planned to spend. We contacted KLM for help with the cost but were rejected. We also lost 5 bags somewhere between Chicago and Lusaka, but after 2 days, we received them."

Мінуси: "Stranded for 48 hours in Africa. Missed 3 flights due to complete incompetence, truly a horrible experience."

Мінуси: "I had booked a paid seat with extra legroom, but at check in the seat was given to another passenger"

Докладніше про Qatar Airways
Інформація щодо COVID-19

Заходи безпеки авіакомпаній, які здійснюють рейси за маршрутом Бангкок – Київ

Авіакомпанії, які здійснюють рейси за маршрутом Бангкок – Київ, вжили додаткових заходів безпеки й оновили свої правила перевезення, щоб краще задовольняти потреби мандрівників. Ці правила можуть бути різними залежно від авіакомпанії.

Посилені гігієнічні заходи

Щоденне прибирання та встановлення HEPA-фільтрів у салоні літаків на рейсах за маршрутом Бангкок – Київ

Маски обов'язкові

Захисна маска на борту є обов'язковою. Маски на рейсах за маршрутом Бангкок – Київ надаються

Дотримання безпечної відстані

Місця по центру на рейсі за маршрутом Бангкок – Київ забронювати не можна

Тестування перед перельотом

Тестування на антитіла та симптоми на рейсах за маршрутом Бангкок – Київ

Бронювання авіаквитків Бангкок – Київ недорого

Актуальні пропозиції авіаквитків в обидва боки

2 пересадки
Декілька авіакомпаній
28 год. 20 хв.
3 пересадки
Декілька авіакомпаній
28 год. 40 хв.
2 пересадки
Декілька авіакомпаній
28 год. 20 хв.
2 пересадки
Декілька авіакомпаній
20 год. 30 хв.

Актуальні пропозиції авіаквитків в один бік

3 пересадки
Декілька авіакомпаній
37 год. 00 хв.
1 пересадка
21 год. 10 хв.
1 пересадка
Air France
18 год. 05 хв.
1 пересадка
Qatar Airways
16 год. 10 хв.
2 пересадки
21 год. 15 хв.
2 пересадки
Декілька авіакомпаній
21 год. 20 хв.
1 пересадка
Air France
18 год. 05 хв.
1 пересадка
Qatar Airways
22 год. 35 хв.
2 пересадки
54 год. 50 хв.
2 пересадки
Декілька авіакомпаній
21 год. 50 хв.
1 пересадка
Qatar Airways
16 год. 15 хв.
2 пересадки
21 год. 15 хв.
2 пересадки
40 год. 05 хв.
1 пересадка
Austrian Airlines
20 год. 00 хв.
2 пересадки
Декілька авіакомпаній
21 год. 50 хв.
1 пересадка
Qatar Airways
16 год. 15 хв.
2 пересадки
40 год. 05 хв.
3 пересадки
Декілька авіакомпаній
21 год. 15 хв.
1 пересадка
Qatar Airways
16 год. 15 хв.
2 пересадки
42 год. 25 хв.
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